Come on board one of the most luxurious trains in the world

Each carriage comes with a surprisingly versatile bartender.
  • For those who want to do Vietnam the luxurious way, there’s the Vietage
  • This train journey is just six hours but includes a range of five-star amenities
  • Each carriage gets a bartender who doubles as a masseuse

Published on Dec 28, 2023 at 6:02PM (UTC+4)

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Why the Vietage is the world's most luxurious train

The Vietage is the way the ultra-rich do Vietnam in style.

Many head to the Asian country for cheap and cheerful adventures and travel options.

But for those too fancy to hop on the back of a scooter, this luxury train is the way to go.

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The luxury hotel Anantara launched the Vietage as a way for their guests to travel between their resorts.

Known for its upscale accommodation, the hotel couldn’t possibly let its patrons catch a ride on a regular train.

Its high-end train takes guests on a leisurely journey through the beauty of central Vietnam, from Da Nang to Quy Nhon.

The trip not only includes breathtaking views but also gourmet meals, a train-themed cocktail menu and a neck massage.

Over six hours, guests are treated like esteemed clientele at a five-star resort.

Carriages are divided into six two-person booths, divided by woven rattan screens.

The decor is a modern Asian style combined with Art Deco details like curved leather barstools and mustard yellow accents.

Once the journey begins, passengers are offered the first of five bespoke cocktails with names like Vietmojito and Off The Rails.

Each carriage has its own bartender, who also offers complementary back massages.

Guests then enjoy a fine dining experience while heading through the Vietnamese countryside, designed by a Michelin-star chef.

When it comes to trains, Asia doesn’t mess around.

Shanghai is home to the world’s fastest train, which can go 621mph.

And China also has a floating sky train that levitates in place.

Meanwhile, back in Vietnam, a man made a functioning train for his village using just wood.

The Vietage takes the cake for the most magnificent train journey though.

While it’s the height of luxury travel, a ticket is just $408 for a one-way journey.

Considering that includes Michelin-star meals, unlimited drinks and a massage, that’s pretty reasonable.

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