Viewers ‘will never complain about their van again’ after seeing viral clip

Viral clip showcases 'unique' van fitted with, among other things, security cameras as wing mirrors – we're still trying to figure what we've just watched.

by | Published on 15th May 2023

This clip is going viral on TikTok and people are still trying to figure out what’s going on here.

To be fair, we’re also still trying to figure out a way to make sense of what we’ve just watched.

You can watch the full video here.

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The clips starts with the owner of a decrepit van holding a basketball.

As he gets near the van he ‘dunks’ the ball into the net, which for some reason is actually glued to the tailgate (along with a treadmill) of the van, and then slams the broken taillight back into the place.

Why? Unclear, but get used to this because the entire video is full of random things that make no sense.

Anyway, moving on, the van owner pushes a button located on a multi-socket plug on the roof before approaching the door of the vehicle.

On the B-pillar are a super old phone and an even older computer keyboard.

The owner of the vehicle enters random numbers on the both keyboards, before opening the door using a crowbar.

The interior is the stuff of nightmares.

The seat, which is located literally on top of the transmission, is a stadium chair.

Further, the cabin is ‘adorned’ with more random items.

Among other things, we spotted a Bugatti die cast model, a computer motherboard used as a instrument cluster, a crank, a microphone, another computer keyboard, and an old radio.

Security cameras are used as wing mirrors and the aforementioned crank is used to turn the engine on.

Baffled viewers flooded the comment section of this viral clip, trying to make sense of what they were seeing.

Some resorted to irony, while others were a bit more practical.

“What do you do for a living to be able to afford this car,” asked one user.

“I will never complain about my van again,” wrote another.

So back to the original question: what have we just watched?

We’re not sure, but it was oddly satisfying.



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