Disaster as Mini owner accidentally pours washer fluid into the engine

A Mini owner has learned a very expensive lesson the hard way. 

by | Published on 19th Jun 2023

A Mini owner has learned a very expensive lesson the hard way. 

When the driver noticed their windshield washer fluid was getting low, they pulled into a garage to top it up. 

Unfortunately, this is where the story goes south.

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As told by the garage that sold her the washer fluid, the driver returned 10 minutes later complaining that something wasn’t right. 

She reported that her car was smoking and emitting a blue cloud from the engine.

On top of that, the windshield washer light was still flashing.

The garage said she was incredibly confused, especially considering she’d poured the whole can in the car. 

She was doing everything right, she thought. 

But as it turns out, instead of fixing the issue, she caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the vehicle. 

When an employee from the garage went out to inspect it, he realized she’d poured the washer fluid where the motor oil should go. 

As a result, the Mini’s engine was covered in a brown foamy sludge. 

A photo of the engine was posted to Facebook alongside the story, and it shows just how much damage was caused. 

Club BMW Voiture Allemande Région centre in France thought the story was hilarious, but we bet the driver didn’t feel the same way. 

The driver likely had to completely replace the engine, costing at least $4,000. 

That’s an expensive mistake to make, and one the driver is unlikely to ever forget.

The comments were unsurprisingly brutal and just as unsurprisingly, sexist. 

“That’s a woman. Stay in your dishes and clean up instead of trying to do man stuff. A broken plate only costs two euros, unlike a motor,” one man said. 

In response to his comment, a woman weighed in, saying “it makes men laugh sure, but some don’t even know how to start a washing machine”. 



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