WATCH: 2021’s top ten craziest concept cars

  • 2021 was a bit of a strange year, but it was a good one for concept cars
  • In this list, there’s German engineering, an all-electric Hummer, and even a Batmobile
  • One even rivals the Tesla Cybertruck for unusual style

Published on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:30 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 18, 2024 at 5:29 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

2021 will probably be best known as the year things started going back to normal after 2020…sort of. Either way, it didn’t stop car companies coming up with some incredible ideas to showcase. In this round-up of the best of 2021, there’s an actual Batmobile, a fully electric Hummer, a couple of inspiring futuristic German cars, and a UFO car.

We’ve covered cars from BMW, Audi, Mini, EdisonFuture, Wey, Mercedes-Benz, and United Nude. Some of these cars absolutely have to be seen to be believed.

Video transcription:

So this right here is an electric truck, but it’s solar-powered assisted. That, kapow! That comes out and you are greeted by a lovely step. We’ll do some camera magic.

Ready? Boom! There it is. So now this has all come down and you can see the solar panels a little bit better. This is the car of the future! Bye! Bye! I’m just going to flick that forward into drive.

We’ve got open and closed for the canopy. We have the interior lights. Let’s flick this up.

One, two, three, four. Oh my god. Ready? It recognises you walking up and you’ve got this whole light bar that runs all the way across the front of the car.

I love that! Let’s see how it lights up. And… Oh, look at this, look at this, look at this. How many different things can you look at at once? This whole panel lighting up here, I love.

And this here, I mean, come on! Here, you might notice, look, there’s a little pattern, the same pattern here on the roof. You see this? So at the moment, the roof is open, but you can actually close it by moving those panels just a few centimeters. This is the token, the heart and soul of this car.

So this now becomes a lamp. It’s not a screen anymore. That comes back up and this comes back up.

Check this out, guys. Come with me. This is the Grand Sphere.

Autonomous mode, right, means I can relax back here. Now, this is so cool. Let’s close the door.

What? I’m actually moving the dial with my hand. That is magic. Wait, wait.

And now it’s going to respond the other way. Look at this. Look at this.

That is absolutely insane. You get your drink and this pours out some fresh water. Now, you could, in theory, start sitting like this, but it gets much better.

You can literally activate a button so that all of this comes forward. And enjoy a nice little cup of tea. You’ve seen this before? Where’s the driver? What kind of sorcery is this? What is this? We’ve got suicide doors.

Why doesn’t every car in the world do this? This is the future right here. This is the future. Everything here is completely lit up.

It’s glowing, right? But when you charge it, it also changes. So, when you charge it, everything kind of goes inwards. This is super cool.

And it makes such a satisfying sound. Oh, my God. To accelerate, you push forward.

To turn the car, turn it sideways. And you can crab-walk it by literally spinning this entire thing. So, first, I’m going to pull forward.

And we’re off. Wow. Oh, my God.

Look, look, look. We’re driving George Ludo right now. We’re completely crab-walking.

Look at this. Man, it feels so strange to be crab-walking right now.

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