Footage of the real-life Batmobile cruising through Monaco goes viral

Now we know why Batman drives his Lambo a lot more often than his Batmobile.

by | Published on 11th Sep 2023

A real-life Batmobile has been spotted in Monaco and the clip is going viral.

And now we know why Batman tends to use his Lambo a lot more often than he drives his Batmobile.

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As you can see from the video, the Batmobile has an appalling turning circle.

Still, we can’t really blame Batman for picking sunny Monaco over rainy, grey Gotham City.

Monaco is perhaps one of three places in the world where a Batmobile doesn’t look entirely out of place.

The other two being Miami and Dubai.

This minute European country is like an open-air car show where car spotters spend hours waiting for a chance to photograph or film rare and exotic supercars.

On this occasion, car spotter ExoticCarAlex hit the jackpot with one of the rarest vehicles you can find, even in Monaco.

The real-life Batmobile was filmed going around the famous ‘Fairmont Hairpin’, which is also part of the Formula One Grand Prix.

It’s named after the Fairmont Hotel, one of the hottest spots in Monaco during the GP because you can literally watch the race from your room’s balcony.

Provided you can afford the eye-watering room rate, that is.

The hairpin is tight and it isn’t particularly easy to negotiate with a purpose-built Formula One car, let alone a Batmobile that’s nearly six meters long.

In the video, you can easily see how the driver barely manages to keep the car in its lane.

The Batmobile you see here was built as a prop and a marketing car for the 1989 movie Batman, starring Michael Keaton and Kim Basinger.

A few of these cars were built for the movie, some with a V12 and others with a turbine engine.

Amazingly, they’re all perfectly road legal.



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