WATCH: This $500,000 Monster Pickup Truck is a real beast

  • This behemoth of a pickup truck costs $500,000
  • International have kitted it out with loads of advanced technology
  • With a whole bunch of added features, this truck would be handy in any situation

Published on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:57 PM (UTC+4)
by Ben Thompson

Last updated on Jun 13, 2024 at 6:57 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Tom Wood

Monster trucks are known for being big and imposing, but this one is something else. This International CXT six-door monster pickup truck has some incredible features, but it comes with a hefty price tag. With a horn that could deafen a pedestrian, and standing seriously tall, this is a truck that can do almost anything. It’s called the SuperTruck, and it’s called that for a good reason.

And how much does this SuperTruck cost? It’ll set you back $500,000, but with all the features it has, it’s not lacking. Featuring six doors, 65-inch tires, and a back bed that can be lowered and raised with a remote – how else are you getting stuff in there? – you’d struggle to find a situation this machine can’t cope with.

Video transcript:

I can hear something, like a bus, that’s getting really close huh, that is really, you crazy what the hell was, what the hell was, are you crazy. I’ve been trying to get my hands on this car for like a year, this is like my favorite car like ever. Where’s Alex though? I don’t know, I’m here.

Aren’t you the intern though, how come you get to drive these crazy cars, I’ve been wanting this for like a year. Well, you’re not blonde Sergi, I don’t know if you know that, oh my god, ok, ok, ok, ok. Look at it, all custom.

Alright, can I hop on top of it? Wow. This is crazy – like my car looks like a little ant. 70 gallons of diesel it takes, so there’s one here, and there’s one on the other side too.

Wow. It’s crazy. Serge, have you ever seen six doors on a truck before? Six doors? I’m not sure, I’ve seen six wheels, but, now watch what happens though, look, ready, oh, I think it’s this one, cool right, that’s crazy, someone like me can’t get up there, without it.

It’s like one, two, three, four steps to get in, that I’ve never actually seen to be honest. This is like the exhaust pipe, yeah, so it’s six inches wide, they’re huge, and this isn’t for show, this is like actually functional, this is what you need, wow. Look at these commercial-grade tires, almost as big as I am.

These are the 65-inch ones right? Wow. I’ve never seen 65-inch tires, there’s a roll bar there, double roll bar, that’s crazy, and the craziest thing is that, this doesn’t even fit, like the frame doesn’t even fit with the wheel, because the wheel is just so much extra. What are these wheels for? Well you see, look at how cool is this, what is that? The bed can go up or down, it’s pretty cool.

What, the entire thing can detach? Yeah, how else would I load something in here, or get in? It’s taller than you, it’s literally above your shoulder. I know. Wow, so this is like the completely pimped-out one, because Supertruck upgrades this, and Q Motors are selling it in Dubai for half a million dollars right now, and these mud plows are just absolutely, they’re massive.

Let me show you something real cool. Okay. Stay here.

Alright. I think I kind of know what’s going to happen, but I want to see it to believe it. Watch what happens to this seat.

Yes. It turns into a freaking bed. So you can like live back here, this is like a home.

This is a Ford F650 home. How cool is this? Let me see. Does it fit? That’s pretty comfy.

You know, that’s good. This is actually pretty soft. It is.

I’d sleep in here. So you can fit up to eight people in this thing. Yeah.

How many can you fit in your X6? Not that many. You can even fit some people standing in here, I mean there’s so much common space in here, it’s like a little living room. It’s really roomy.

We can just… Nice and smooth back too. Let’s just literally walk, can we just walk forward? Look at this. There’s not one, but two of these 17-inch screens here, you can watch movies.

Not bad. Yeah, very cool. This is…wow.


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