These are the hottest new releases from Watches and Wonders

From the new 'bubbly' Rolex to the Chopard with a 'woody' dial, let's have a look at some of the most exciting releases from Watches and Wonders.

by | Published on 28th Mar 2023

Watches and Wonders, the world’s most prominent watch show, is underway and watchmakers are dropping some beautiful, and expensive new timepieces.

From the new ‘bubbly’ Rolex to the Chopard with a dial that looks like it’s made out of wood, let’s have a look at some of the most exciting new releases.

One word of advice: make sure you’re sitting down when prices are revealed.

Watches and Wonders – Rolex

This year Rolex went the extra mile and came up with some quirky new stuff.

First, there’s the new new Day-Date 36.

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The case is available in gold, rose gold and platinum, with diamonds around the bezel.

And then there are four options for the dial: green, turquoise, carnelian stone or a jigsw puzzle motif.

The one with the ‘jigswa puzzle’ dial displays seven keywords at the 12 o’clock display (happy, eternity, gratitude, peace, faith, love and hope) and 31 emojis at 3 o’clock, where the date window is.

Price is only revealed upon request but similar models go for $40,000.

The other model that caught our attention is even crazier.

It’s an Oyster Perpetual, with a twist.

On the turquoise-hued dial, Rolex applied multi-colored bubbles.

We absolutely love this one.

Pricing starts at CHF 5,400 for the 31mm model, the smallest available, or CHF 6,100 for the 41 mm version.

That’s $5,900 and $6,600, respectively, at today’s rate.

Watches and Wonders – Chopard

Chopard is on fire with these salmon-colored guilloché dials that almost look like the dial is made from warm wood.

These two dials belong to different watches from different line-ups but they share the same depth and tone.

The first watch is the L.U.C. 1860, a classic time-only dress watch that wouldn’t look out of place in the lounge of a 5-star hotel.

The second timepiece is the Alpine Eagle, ideally designed for when you leave the lounge of said 5-star hotel and head to the swimming pool.

Now, Chopard technically calls the color of the dial ‘Monte Rosa Pink’, but… mind if we keep using our wood metaphor?

One last thing, price.

Chopard is playing hard to catch on these two models but on average, a new L.U.C. is priced between $40,000 and $50,000.

Meanwhile, the Eagle is usually priced at around $20,000.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe unveiled the usual plethora of Nautilus updates but this one in particular stands out.

We love it because, bear with us on this, it looks like it’s made of chocolate.

The dial and the strap look like a chocolate bar, and we love both chocolate and watches.

Also, the chocolate brown strap and dial combo works wonders when you pair it with the gold case and the diamond-encrusted bezel.

It just works but unfortunately one thing that probably won’t work for most is the price: it’s $50,000.



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