Widowed grandma to sell $5.7 million mansion after winning it for $32

Now three months after the win, she's flipping it for crazy money.

by | Published on 2nd Aug 2023

A widowed grandma is about to turn a huge profit on her new mansion. 

June Smith, 74, entered a competition to win the £4.5 million property (USD $5.7 million) for just £25 ($32). 

Now three months after the big win, she’s flipping it for crazy money.

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Along with the $5.7 million property, the mother-of-three and grandmother-of-six also won £100,000 ($127,000) in cash. 

The good news came just one year after she lost her husband to a heart attack, so it was a much-needed pick-me-up for the family woman from Essex, England. 

“He always wanted to make sure his children were all right and didn’t have to worry about money,” she told Omaze. 

“This is really going to make that difference. “

“He’s up there looking down.”

June briefly considered keeping the three-story waterfront property and renting it out. 

Local agents predicted she could make $9,000 per month in long-term rentals and up to $18,000 per week during peak holiday seasons.

But ultimately, June said she wanted to put it on the market so she could help support her family immediately. 

The stunning waterfront home in Fowey, England is now listed on RightMove, with the site only accepting offers above £4.5 million.

You can watch the wholesome moment June found out she won the property here!

But before she officially waves goodbye to it, June said she wanted to enjoy one family holiday at the incredible property. 

“We all came and stayed together and absolutely love the house and Cornwall – and my six grandchildren have certainly made the most of it,” she told the Mail. 

“I knew winning this house would be life-changing for all my family, and that’s why I’ve decided to sell now, as I want to use the money to help all my children and grandchildren with the next chapter in their lives.” 



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