Woman who dropped phone down Grand Canyon while recording captured hikers recovering it

That's an angle of the Grand Canyon we've never seen before
  • A woman dropped her iPhone off a cliff while at the Grand Canyon
  • Miraculously, the phone recorded its entire fall and rescue mission
  • The phone came out unscathed, leading to internet users demanding to know what phone cover was used

Published on May 15, 2024 at 12:09PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 15, 2024 at 12:09PM (UTC+4)

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A trip to the Grand Canyon is sure to result in some amazing footage.

But one visitor got an angle she didn’t see coming.

While posing near the edge of a cliff at the Arizona national park, a TikTok user tried to snap the perfect shot.

She then dropped her phone, which amazingly recorded its entire rescue mission.

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TikToker Steph thought nothing of taking a photo near a cliff face at the Grand Canyon.

In a video on her page, the phone was seen in her hands as she set up the shot before it tumbled out of her grasp.

It was a bumpy ride down but miraculously, the phone kept recording

The video kept going, capturing a close-up of the park’s famous reddish rock at the bottom of the cliff.

Luckily it didn’t land in water, seeing as Apple recently debunked the urban myth that putting a wet phone in rice will save it.

This is not the first time an iPhone has been dropped from eye-watering heights and lived to tell the tale.

Who could forget the phone that fell 16,000 feet out of an airplane?

Remarkably, a family of hikers spotted the phone and rescued it from its landing spot.

The family has since been praised in the TikTok comments section for returning the phone to its owner.

Even though the child could be heard asking their parents if they could keep it.

The last frame of the video shows the hiker who found the phone and turned off the 40-minute recording.

We don’t know what’s more impressive: the phone’s storage space or the phone cover that protected it all the way down.

For anyone else who is accident-prone and needs this level of protection for their phones, she created a follow-up video detailing her phone’s cover.

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