World’s biggest monster truck has four bedrooms and a bathroom

The World's biggest monster truck is a replica of a 1950’s Dodge Power Wagon pick-up truck, but it's six times bigger and weighs over 50 tons.

by | Published on 27th Apr 2023

Monster trucks are known for wowing crowds racing and performing stunts.

That’s not what the world’s biggest monster truck is about, though.

It actually has four air-conditioned bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom.

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The world’s biggest monster truck belongs to Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan – a member of one of the United Arab Emirates ruling families, the Al Nahyan clan.

A Guinness World Record holder, Sheikh Hamad has the largest collection of 4×4 vehicles at 718 models.

The Sheikh has earned himself the nickname the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’, for his collection of seven Mercedes S-Classes in different colors. 

One of the craziest vehicles in his collection is a replica of a 1950’s Dodge Power Wagon pick-up truck.

This isn’t your average Dodge Power Wagon pick-up truck, though.

The Sheikh has transformed it so it’s now six times larger than its counterpart and weighs more than 50 tons. 

Not only that, but its wheels have been sourced from an oil rig transporter, and its wiper borrowed from an ocean liner.

The headlamps alone cost in excess of $1,000.

It comes complete with air-conditioned bedrooms, a full-sized kitchen, bathroom, and lounge with all the mod cons.

It’s even got a patio area in the back.

Although you might not believe it, the world’s biggest monster truck isn’t a static display piece; it can actually be driven.

Under the hood is a Detroit Diesel straight-six that produces 300 horsepower, which is just about enough to move the enormous vehicle.

Understandably, Sheikh Hamad is rather fond of the vehicle, as it was once used by oil explorers in the 1950s.

Today, the world’s biggest monster truck is on display at the Emirates National Auto Museum in Al Dhafra, 45 minutes from Abu Dhabi.

The museum is home to over 200 cars owned by the Sheikh, including his Mercedes rainbow collection.



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