These are the world’s craziest stunts and the actors who performed them

From crazy Hollywood stunts to the cars destroyed in Fast and Furious, these are the world's most epic stunts and the stories behind them.

by | Published on 24th Mar 2023

Do you know which actor holds the record for the most stunts in Hollywood?

And do you know what made Red Bull’s attempt at landing a plane on top Dubai’s Burj Al Arab so tricky?

From crazy Hollywood stunts to the cars destroyed when making Fast and Furious, test your knowledge about the world’s craziest stunts with our quiz.

#1. What made Red Bull's Burj Al Arab airplane stunt so difficult?

Dubai’s famous Burj Al Arab does have a helipad but it does NOT have a landing strip.

This means that landing anything other than a helicopter is extremely difficult.

Despite this, Red Bull managed to land an aircraft on the tiny helipad 700 feet in the air.

#2. Stuntman Evgeny Cheboratev successfully backflipped over how many cars?

This crazy stuntman successfully managed to do a backflip over five (!) cars.

#3. How many cars were destroyed while filming Fast and Furious movies?

According to Dennis McCarthy, vehicle coordinator for the franchise, more than 2,000 vehicles were destroyed in the making of the Fast and Furious movies.

Fast 9 holds the record for the most vehicles destroyed at 350 vehicles.


#4. What really happened during the famous Lykan skyscraper crash in Furious 7?

It was a real crash with a Lykan.

How did they do it?

Step one, the production team built two (much, much smaller) glass towers resembling skyscrapers.

Step two, W Motors built a fiberglass replica of the Lykan

Step three, a stuntman really did crash the car from out of one glass tower into the next.

#5. Who holds the record for the most stunts by a living actor?

Jackie Chan holds the Guinness World Record for the most stunts performed by a living actor.

Even now, at 68 years of age, he still does a lot of his own stunts.

#6. Tom Cruise performed the 'biggest stunt in history' while filming...

Tom Cruise jumped off a cliff while riding in a bike for the upcoming Mission: Impossible finale ‘Dead Reckoning’.

Paramount Pictures described it as the ‘biggest stunt in cinema history’.




Maybe you secretly work as Tom Cruise’s stunt double.

Not great.

But the good news is you can always go over your answers and take the quiz again.

Nailed it? Make sure to check out more of our quizzes here!



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