World’s first 6×6 Rolls Royce Phantom

Exclusive! This Phantom has been transformed into a 6.3 meter long, 2.3 meter wide beast.

by | Published on 24th Jun 2022

This Rolls-Royce Phantom has been turned into a 6×6 off-roading beast. 

The Phantom has been hacked apart and extended, with creator Alexandre Danton making it 6.3 meters in length and 2.3 meters wide.

The 6×6 now has a huge LED bar on top of the windshield, side skirts, huge roof rack, front bumper bar and tow hitch, all adding to the off-road identity of the car.

Supercar Blondie’s Dominika Sofroniciova got an exclusive first look inside the 6×6 Rolls Royce Phantom. Check it out here!

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It also has massive 24-inch wheels with gold plated brake calipers – because you’ve got to keep it classy when you’re working with a Rolls.

Danton also made the headlights yellow, giving the matte black car a unique panther-like appearance. 

And adding to the aggressive look, the whole front grille has been blacked out. 

Alexandre Danton told Supercar Blondie the body fenders at the front and back were completely custom made, shaped by hand using bare sheets of aluminum. 

This gives the Rolls its wide-body effect.


This car doesn’t just look like a beast, the creator also added practical extras for off-roading. 

When you open the boot you have a gas canister for long trips and anti-skid tracks in case you get stuck while taking your Rolls Royce off-roading. 

The wild ride doesn’t end there. 

Inside, there is bright orange leather everywhere.

There is also crocodile leather on the steering wheel and snake leather on the center console.

Under the hood is a standard Phantom engine covered in not-so-standard gold leaf.

The creation took Danton three months to build but a year to map out. 

The French artist hopes to sell the 6×6 Phantom for 5 million euros. 

With an apprenticeship in mechanics under his belt, Danton is a self-taught artist when it comes to customizing cars. 

Since first starting 15 years ago, Danton has already made 47 custom creations. 

And what’s even cooler, is he builds them all in his chateau in Ardèche, France. 

Check out this photo of the Rolls Royce with his castle in the background – wild.

Rolls-Royce Phantom price

A ‘regular’ Rolls-Royce Phantom sells for about $450,000 but the creator of this 6×6 wants $5.2 million for it.

In his collection, Danton has a 6×6 Landrover Defender, a Ferrari Modena turned into an SP2 and a rat rod style Lamborghini Espada, just to name a few.

How does he do it?

Danton borrows parts from other cars to complete his looks.

To make the Rolls Royce Phantom possible, he added a rear axle from a 2005 BMW 7 Series. 

He told Supercar Blondie his next project would be to convert a Lamborghini Urus into a 6×6. 

And if he doesn’t have enough going on already, the guy is also going to be starring in a French show called Custom Kings. 

Watch out, Xzibit! 




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