The world’s largest sailing yacht has an underwater pod and eight decks

Simply known as 'A', this is the world's largest sailing yacht as well as the most impressive: the mainmast is taller than the Flatiron building in New York.

by | Published on 9th May 2023

Simply dubbed ‘A’, this is the world’s largest sailing yacht and arguably the most impressive.

Built in Germany by Nobiskrug and designed by Philippe Starck, construction took around five years to complete.

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With six engines, eight decks and underwater pods, this yacht is an engineering masterpiece.

Think of it as the Bugatti La Voiture Noire of the yacht world because everything about her is a one-off.

The three masts, for example, are the tallest freestanding composite structures in the world.

This mainmast stands 100 meters tall above the waterline.

That’s basically the same as sailing New York City’s Flatiron Building with a giraffe parked on the roof.

Silly analogy, we know, but you get the gist.

In addition to its sails, this 468-foot sea giant is powered by a hybrid system combining four electric motors and two diesel units, for a combined power output in excess of 15,000 horsepower.

The sailing yacht is capable of covering nearly 10,000 km (5,340 miles), cruising at a speed of 16 knots – or 30 km/h.

Put simply, she can easily take you from Los Angeles to the coast of Portugal ‘on a tank’.

Now, that’s certainly noteworthy but even more impressive is the interior.

Among other things, the yacht has eight decks and two tender garages.

However, aside from the usual amenities you’d expect from a superyacht like this one, A has an entire underwater section.

The underwater section includes bedrooms, living rooms and even exploration pods.

And the price?

Well, ‘A Sailing Yacht’ was built on commission and no expense was spared.

The $600 million price tag certainly reflects that.

And this was 12 years ago, remember, commissioning a yacht like this one in 2023 would probably cost even more.



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