World’s most expensive cruise lasts 168 days and costs more than a house

A 24/7 personal butler, five continents and over 460 excursions – but the price will make you weep.

by | Published on 27th Jun 2023

Regent Seven Sea Cruises offers what is possibly the world’s most exciting cruise, and definitely the most expensive.

The journey lasts a total of 168 nights (!) and costs more than a house.

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The cruise starts and ends in Miami and will take you to every continent except Antarctica.

It’s a long list but, among other places, you’ll be visiting Mexico, Kiribati, Hawaii, New Zealand, Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa, Mozambique, and Portugal.

Up to 465 excursions are included but, as you can imagine, the journey is customizable.

Several different suites are available and the biggest and most expensive one is absolutely massive.

Spanning across 186 square feet, it has two balconies that are larger than some NYC studios, and two bedrooms.

For the journey, you’ll spend half a year aboard the world’s most expensive cruise ship and you won’t get bored.

Guests have access to theaters, libraries, a casino, a golf court, swimming pools and spas, a paddle court, tennis court and fitness center, and seven restaurants.

The bad news, hardly surprising, is it isn’t cheap.

Pricing starts at around $102,000 per person, and that’s for the ‘cheap’ room.

If you want the luxury master suite, you’ve got to be ready to fork out $296,000 per person – and this is just the starting price.

On the plus side, though, you do have a lot of ancillary services included in the price.

For example, you’ve got unlimited beverages, including wine and spirits, and up to $550 credit to spend on food or products from the four shops on board.

And, if you opt for the master suite, you also have a personal butler that’ll be available 24/7.



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