This guy just built the world’s smallest bicycle and it’s fully functional

Despite its small proportions, the world's smallest bicycle is fully functional and can actually carry a cyclist weighing up to 100kg.

by | Published on 27th Jun 2023

The Q is back at it again and this time he’s building the world’s smallest bicycle.

The Q has made quite the name for himself, posting videos of his seriously epic inventions to YouTube.

From a square-wheeled bicycle to wheels made out of hot glue sticks, no matter how bizarre his creations appear, they work seamlessly.

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Normally, the YouTuber works on regular-sized bicycles, but today he’s doing something different.

He starts by taking two 72mm wheels, the same found in roller skates, and inserts two bearings into what will be the bicycle’s front wheel.

The Q then fabricates a cog for the back wheel.

He does this by placing a bearing on top of the cog and slotting a brass cheese head screw through the middle.

To ensure the bearing and cog turn in tandem, he spot welds the two together, using an angle grinder to smooth off the welds.

With the wheels now sorted, The Q then sketches a design for the world’s smallest bicycle on a sheet of A4.

Checking everything is the right size and fits together correctly, he places pre-cut pieces of pipe over the design.

These are going to be assembled to form the bicycle’s frame.

He does this by welding the pieces of pipe together and attaching the bicycle’s rear wheel.

Next, The Q has to fabricate forks for the front wheel.

He does this by using an angle grinder to cut multiple V-shaped notches out of a metal rod.

What he does next is both clever and incredibly satisfying to watch.

With the metal rod held firmly in place in a vice, he slides a piece of metal pipe over the top of it.

One by one, he bends the V-shaped notches closed until the metal rod resembleworlds-smallest-bicycles that of the bicycle’s front front.

In order to attach the front wheel, though, he needs to drill a hole through the fork for the hub to slide through.

His next task is to build a set of handlebars for the world’s smallest bicycle.

Once again, these are fabricated from solid metal and bent into shape and sanded to give the surface a smooth finish.

After filing and sanding the frame of the bicycle, the next step is to spray it bright yellow.

The seat, handlebars, crankset and pedals are all sprayed black, however.

With the paint dried, The Q sets about putting all the pieces together and tests the chain is working correctly.

Last but not least – and ironically – he adds a set of ‘Big Boy’ decals to the world’s smallest bicycle.

With it good to go, he doesn’t waste any time and quickly hops onto the bicycle to take it for a little spin.

Amazingly, with a custom-made metal frame and roller wheels, the world’s smallest bicycle is durable and compatible with a cyclist up to 100kg.

That being said, The Q says it’s a little uncomfortable, but you get a lot of attention when riding it.

We wouldn’t pull a wheelie if we were you, Q.

You can watch the process from beginning to end here!



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