This man just built new wheels out of hot glue sticks

Published on Jun 05, 2023 at 5:35 PM (UTC+4)
by Kate Bain

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This man just built new wheels out of hot glue sticks

The Q is back at it again and this time he’s making wheels out of glue. 

The Q has made a name for himself with some seriously epic inventions, remember these square wheels

And no matter how bizarre or left of field, each of his designs works seamlessly.

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Normally the YouTuber uses some kind of rubber for his wheels, but today he’s venturing even further. 

First, he measures the dimensions of the bicycle rims, then he uses his 3D printer to create a mold for his new wheels. 

Once he’s created the mold, he shaves down the 3D prints, getting rid of all the excess support material.

Then he shapes the molds around the bicycle rims and sprays them with oil in preparation for the glue. 

Next, The Q gets a bunch of hot glue sticks and melts them in the oven. 

Once the sticks have melted down into a liquid consistency, he pours the glue into the 3D molds. 

This is what forms the shape of his new glue wheels.

Once the glue settles into place, he removes the 3D molds and dries the glue. 

When he removes the molds, you notice just how intricately he designed his 3D molds. 

He created them to have an inbuilt tread pattern that replicates actual bicycle wheels. 

Once the wheels are cooled and hardened, the tires are mounted to the bike. 

Now, it’s ready to ride.

You can watch the process from beginning to end here!

The Q takes his bike out and really puts the new wheels to the test. 

He rides the bike down a set of stairs and even over a bunch of tacs – just to show how puncture-proof his new airless wheels are. 

He says the glue actually gives the bike more grip, allowing him to tackle more diverse terrain. 

But although they might be grippy, the tires likely aren’t anywhere near as durable or long-lasting as rubber. 

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