Elon Musk’s giant X logo is gone and people are wondering what’s going on

The logo was only installed a few days ago, and now people are wondering what exactly is going on.

by | Published on 1st Aug 2023

The massive, blinding X logo on top of the Twitter / X building is gone.

It didn’t last very long.

The logo was only installed a few days ago, and now people are wondering what exactly is going on.

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The X logo made a lot of people angry because it was too bright.

San Francisco residents, especially those who live near the Twitter HQ, began complaining and asked authorities to do something about it.

It’s unknown whether this was the reason the X was actually taken down or not, but their plan clearly worked.

The X logo is gone and neighbors no longer have to worry about it.

On the flip side, people are now wondering what’s going to happen next because, well, you never know with Elon Musk.

The owner of Twitter / X hasn’t said anything about the X logo controversy (yet) but he did share another tweet, asking people to choose their favorite logo.

Perhaps this is Musk’s twisted way of letting people choose what they want?

Not that long ago, he shared a poll on Twitter, asking users whether he should resign as a CEO.

Most people voted yes and so Musk resigned, and appointed Linda Yaccarino to replace him.

No one knows what’s going to happen next but the decision to remove the X logo was (mostly) well received by Twitter / X users.

“Oh Wow! Guess it was too bright,” one user said.

“I guess they realized having a big shiny ‘X’ sign doesn’t make up for all the questionable decisions they’ve made lately,” another said.

Some people speculate the sign may have been removed because the company couldn’t get the proper permits, and they’re now urging Musk to move out of San Francisco.

“Can’t wait to hear ‘X is moving its headquarters to Texas’ in the future,” one user said.

“Time to leave San Francisco and bring the jobs elsewhere,” another said.

Even though both Tesla and SpaceX are headquartered in Texas, Musk said he was planning to keep X’s HQ in San Francisco.

We’ll see, maybe he’ll change his mind about that, too.



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