San Francisco residents and officials are furious over Elon Musk’s giant X logo at HQ

Neighbors are complaining about the Twitter sign - whoops we meant X logo - because it's way too bright, like staring at the sun.

by | Published on 31st Jul 2023

Twitter rebranding to ‘X’ is causing a variety of undesired side effects.

First, people got angry because Larry the Twitter bird was ‘fired’.

And now San Francisco residents are complaining about the huge, glaring X logo on top of the company’s building.

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To be fair, we can see where they’re coming from.

The new X sign is extremely bright, like staring directly at the sun.

READ MORE! Man who owned Twitter @X handle responds to questions of whether Musk paid him for account

And there’s more bad news because Elon Musk is not planning to leave San Francisco any time soon.

The CEO has had issues with California authorities in the past and has already relocated some of his companies.

Tesla and SpaceX, for example, are both headquartered in Texas.

But Musk said that won’t be the case for Twitter / X.

“Many have offered rich incentives for X to move its HQ out of San Francisco. Moreover, the city is in a doom spiral with one company after another left or leaving. Therefore, they expect X will move too. We will not,” Musk said.

Perhaps he’ll change his mind, or maybe he’s already working on a plan to relocate and he’s just trolling people.

Musk is a bit of a ‘professional’ troller, after all, so we wouldn’t put it past him.

However, for the time being at least, Twitter neighbors are stuck with the glowing sign, and they’re not happy.

“This whole Twitter rebranding is going from nonsensical to stupid. This is the new Twitter sign from an apartment near the HQ. This is absurd, and I’m sure it’s illegal,” one user said.

“Can you imagine living opposite this strobing X sign?” another asked.



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