Say hello – and goodbye – to the new Zenvo TSR-GT

As one last hurrah, Danish hyper manufacturer Zenvo is producing three TSR-GTs. But each unit is already spoken for.

by | Published on 25th Nov 2022

Say hello to the Zenvo TSR-GT.

You might as well say goodbye to the supercar, too.

Only three are being built and surprise – they’re already sold.

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To be honest, It’s a bit of a bittersweet moment.

The Zenvo TSR-GT marks the end of the old journey – the last one to be produced on the TS platform.


But we’ve got a shiny new model to look forward to next year, which is exciting.

Zenvo power

What’s also exciting is that the TSR-GT can hit a top speed of 423km/h (263 mph) thanks to what’s in the back.

It’s got a 5.8-liter twin-supercharged flat-plane crank V8.

Add to that an upgraded inlet plenum and exhaust manifold.

This thing sits at 1,360bhp, which is an increase of 183bhp over the ‘standard’ car’s 1,177bhp.

Oh, and you’ll probably have noticed from the pictures that the new model has a fixed spoiler rather than the crazy wing seen on the standard car. 

That’s part of Zenvo’s new aerodynamic pack, which makes the TSR a ‘low drag’ version.


On the inside, the Zenvo TSR-GT features some leather as opposed to bare carbon fiber. 

It’s even got noise-reducing floor mats, which says a lot of about what the Danish hypercar manufacturer is trying to achieve here.

Zenvo TSR-GT

It’s sad that this is its last hurrah, but also exciting that we’ve got a new model to look forward to in the New Year.

Said new model is expected to come with a V12 that revs to 10,000rpm, lots of lightweight materials, and feature a brand new design.



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