This flying saucer eVTOL concept can park on the side of skyscrapers

Published on Sep 06, 2022 at 2:30 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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This flying saucer eVTOL concept can park on the side of skyscrapers

Zeva Aero is back with its latest crazy eVTOL concept – the Z2 eVTOL that you fly while lying on your stomach in ‘superman mode’.

The Zeva Aero Z2 is a refinement of the the company’s flying saucer-shaped Zero concept.

It maintains a similar shape, but promises to be faster and more efficient.

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It’s a single-occupant aircraft that’s powered by electric propellors, although the craft and propellors will both be larger than those on the Zero.

Occupants get into the craft when it stands on its end, and in flight, they lay on their stomachs in ‘Superman mode’ as the company calls it.

However, the new invention that’s of note here is Zeva Aero’s clever ‘SkyDock’ system.

The system attaches to the side of skyscrapers, allowing you to fly the Z2 all the way up to the floor you work on.

That way, you can simply skip the morning traffic and the elevator, and get to work in a matter of minutes.


It also reduces the need for parking spaces – or the need to try to find one when you get to work in the morning.

And then, when you’re done for the day or off to another location, you simply hop into the next one available directly at the floor of the building you’re in.

When will the Zeva Z2 hit the skies?

Although Zeva already has working prototypes of its first model, this new Z2 design is expected to enter the prototype stage by the end of this year.

Eventually, the company is targeting an 80km (50mi) range, with a top speed of 258km/h (160mph).

Zeva’s current timeline aims to have FAA flight certification in two years and an air taxi service in operation by 2025.

However, the company has plans further down the track for private ownership eVTOLs.

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