From expensive Ferraris to his private island, how Zlatan Ibrahimovic spends his money

41-year-old star Zlatan Ibrahimovic just announced his retirement from soccer and it's fair to say he's done pretty well both on and off the pitch.

by | Published on 5th Jun 2023

Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s retirement from soccer marks the end of an era.

A generational talent, the 41-year-old star spent most of his career in Europe, with a brief two-year stint in Los Angeles, and made a small fortune in the process.

From his expensive car and motorcycle collection to his private island, let’s have a look at how Zlatan spends his money.

Ibrahimovic’s car and motorcycle collection

Aside from a multitude of Audis and Volvos he’s owned and driven due to his endorsement deals, Ibra’s car collection begins and ends with Ferrari – with a few Porsches in between.

As a long-time customer, Ibrahimovic is always given the option of a new limited-edition Ferrari whenever a new one drops and, well, he usually does.

Every year for his birthday, Ibrahimovic shares a picture of his latest car to his Instagram, using the same caption every time.

“Happy birthday to Zlatan,” the caption reads.

Unlike other high-profile collectors, Ibrahimovic actually drives the cars he buys.

Back in 2020, the soccer star was photographed at the wheel of his black Ferrari Monza SP2 in the Swedish capital Stockholm.

One of only 499 in existence, the Monza starts at $1.58 before options.

Ibra is also a big time Harley Davidson collector.

Among others, he’s owned a V-Rod, a Highster and the iconic Fat Boy.

Padel courts, yachts, private islands and more

Ibrahimovic has also chartered and owned a variety of yachts, including an $8m Riva Corsaro and a new Benelli yacht he recently acquired.

Last year, the striker took delivery of the 34-meter Benelli Oasis pictured below.

An all-around athlete, Ibrahimovic also owns a high-tech sports complex in his hometown Malmö in Sweden, and five padel centers.

Dubbed Padel Zenter (spelled with a ‘Z’, as in Zlatan), the state-of-the-art facility is present in five Swedish cities and can also be used for conventions.

Last but definitely not least, Ibrahimovic owns an entire island.

Born in Sweden to a Bosnian-Croatian family, Ibrahimovic spent his childhood in the Swedish coastal city of Malmö.

He still feels a strong bond with his homeland, which he uses as a safe haven whenever he wants to stay away from the limelight and relax.

In order to do that, Ibrahimovic spent around $5 million to buy an island located around 25 miles off the port of Stockholm.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – his career in a nutshell

Ibrahimovic began his career at Malmö FF in Sweden before joining Ajax in the Dutch league.

He then played for AC Milan, Juventus and Inter in Italy, FC Barcelona in Spain, PSG in France, Manchester United in England and Los Angeles Galaxy in the US.

He represented Sweden at international level on 122 occasions, scoring 62 goals, including the iconic 35-yard bicycle kick that won the 2013 Puskas Award for the most beautiful goal of the year.



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