Quiz: How much do you know about Porsche?

From the founder's name to the fastest-accelerating model, it's time to test your knowledge.

by | Published on 9th Sep 2022

Porsche is one of the most revered and respected car brands in the world but how much do you really know about it?

Most people associate the Stuttgart-based company with the 911, which is its most popular model by far.

But the company is responsible for so much more than just the 911.

So, time to test your knowledge and see how well you really know Porsche.

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#1. How many 911s has Porsche sold since 1964?

Over 1 million and counting.

The one millionth 911 rolled off the production line in 2017 and it won’t take long to get to 2 million units.

Porsche sells around 40,000 911s every year but that number has been growing consistently.

#2. In 2002, Porsche launched the Cayenne, which was the brand's first... ?

Some say the Cayenne ‘saved’ Porsche.

The SUV was received with mixed feelings but proved to be a huge commercial hit.

To this date, it is still the brand’s second best selling car.

#3. Besides cars, what has Porsche designed?

Porsche has indeed built tractors in the past.

It was even making tobacco pipes at some point.

Nowadays, the company makes everything from gadgets to clothes and even furniture through its sub-division ‘Porsche Design’.

#4. Porsche's first electric model is called 'Taycan', what does the name mean?

The name ‘Taycan’ roughly translates from Turkish as ‘lively/spirited/energetic young hourse’.


It is inspired by the horse that appears on the Porsche crest.

#5. Porsche was founded by an Austrian-German engineer: what was his name?

Ferdinand Porsche had many grandchildren, including Wolfgang, the current chairman of the company and Ferdinand Alexander ‘Butzi’ – the man who designed the 911.

#6. What was Porsche's best-selling car in 2021?

Porsche delivered more than 88,000 Macans in 2021, making it the best-selling car of the year followed by the Cayenne with 83,000 units.


And the 911? It occupied the fourth position with 38,000 units, right behind the Taycan with 41,000.

#7. What is the largest engine ever fitted to a production Porsche car?

Porsche has historically always used relatively small engines but the Porsche 928 was an exception because it was available with four large engines, including a 5.4-liter V8.


#8. Which former F1 driver has worked as a Porsche brand ambassador since 2013?

Webber made his F1 debut in 2002 and throughout his F1 career, he started 215 races and won 9 GPs.

Between 2010 and 2013, he helped Red Bull Racing secure four Constructors’ Championships in a row.

#9. Not including the electric Taycan, what is the fastest-accelerating production Porsche ever made?

The Taycan Turbo S, the GT and the 991 RS are pretty fast, but not as fast as the 918 Spyder, which accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

#10. Which of these isn't true?

In the golden era of endurance racing, the race started from the pit and drivers literally had to run to the car, get in and drive.

Porsche began fitting the key ignition slot to the left side so that drivers could turn on the car with their left hand, and put the car into gear with their right hand.

This gave them a key (pun intended) advantage.




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