Apple fans perplexed over ‘new’ iPhone 15 feature that Android has had for years

People are saying this isn't a 'PRO' feature at all, and that it's actually existed for years on Android.

by | Published on 15th Sep 2023

The new Apple iPhone 15 is here with a better camera, new USB-C charging and all new colors.

It’s also fitted with a ‘new’ feature that fans aren’t exactly excited about.

Mostly because, well, this feature isn’t really ‘new’ at all.

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The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are both equipped with a 120 Hz refresh rate, as opposed to the iPhone 15 and 15 Max’s 60 Hz.

Put simply, this downgrades the phone’s ability to display a certain type of content.

For example, a YouTube video would be playable with the best possible quality on the iPhone Pro.

But this wouldn’t be possible with the ‘base’, non-Pro models.

Some people aren’t having it, and they’ve pointed out that this feature has been available (for a lot cheaper) on Android models for years.

“There are $200 Android phones with 120 Hz. An $800 iPhone shouldn’t launch with a 60 Hz display in 2023,” Canadian content creator RjeyTech said.

YouTuber Mr Android echoed RjeyTech’s words.

“120 Hz is not a PRO feature. If you’re going to price your smartphone around $800 [it should come with] at least 90 Hz,” he said.

But not everyone’s mad about it.

“The vast majority of people don’t notice a difference and it gives them limited/no benefit,” a Twitter / X user pointed out.

“Having 60 Hz on a phone is not a dealbreaker for 99 percent of consumers,” another said.

And former Android users seem to agree as well.

“I was an Android user with 120 Hz and moved to iPhone. Not once I felt the need for 120 Hz on my iPhone.”

This isn’t the first time Android and Apple users have taken the opportunity to poke fun at each other.

The Android vs Apple debate began with the first iPhone more than 15 years ago and it intensified when Samsung launched the Galaxy S model in 2010.

And it’s clearly not over yet.



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