This new Apple Watch feature has fans concerned

Convenient or unnecessary?

by | Published on 13th Sep 2023

Apple’s September event ‘Wonderlust’ gave us a new iPhone, new Apple Watch and a new Watch Ultra.

It also gave us a new Apple Watch feature that’s making people a bit wary.

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The new Apple Watch feature, available for the Series 9, addresses a well-known issue with the smart watch.

Put simply, it’s a watch and you wear it on your wrist but that means you have to use your other hand to operate it.

Apple added a so-called ‘Double Tap’ feature that allows you to operate the watch by tapping your thumb against your index finger twice.

It’s quite clever, in a way, because that means you don’t need to use your other hand.

Also, the feature is customizable, so you can double tap to make or terminate a phone call, change songs while you’re listening to music and so on.

However, people were quick to point out potential issues with this feature and they took to X to share them.

Some were concerned their fingers might get sore after using the feature repeatedly.

“You know when you hold your phone and your pinky hurts? Same thing,” another said.

Others were worried about activating it by accident.

“Double tap has me concerned about accidental taps or activating calls. I hope they tested this problem / concern aggressively,” a third user said.

Mind you, not everyone was unhappy.

A lot of people seem to appreciate the convenience of Double Tap.

“Double tap is cool, works across a range of different apps,” one said.

“Credit where it’s due, the double tap feature sounds sick,” another said.

Even tech YouTuber Marquees Brownlee praised Double Tap, calling this feature “pretty handy”.

Apple Watch Series 9 starts at $399 in the US.



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