First generation iPod sealed in box sells for five-figure sum

Published on Aug 09, 2023 at 6:47 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Aug 10, 2023 at 3:50 PM (UTC+4)
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First generation iPod sealed in box sells for five-figure sum

A first-generation Apple iPod just sold for an insane amount of money.

The crazy part is the iPod was still sealed, and it had never been used.

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According to Rally, the New York City museum that oversaw the sale, the iPod was bought new at an Apple Store in Plano, Texas in 2001 and was supposed to be a gift.

However, the recipient of the gift clearly didn’t really care much because the iPod was never used, and it was never even opened.

You know when people find valuable old cars in a barn and it’s called a ‘barn find’?

Well, this was a ‘drawer find’ because the owner literally found it in a drawer in the house.

Perhaps they didn’t want the iPod, but they’ll certainly be happy with the money they made from the sale, because it’s enough to buy a car.

And a decent one at that, too.

The brand-new iPod sold for $29,000.

Not bad for an item that only cost $399 when it was new.

This isn’t the first time a brand-new Apple item has sold for crazy money.

Not that long ago, a first-generation iPhone fetched just over $190,000 at auction.

The iPhone was still as good as new, but it wasn’t new or sealed in a box.

It actually belonged to an Apple engineer who had the chance to take one home and use it back when the first iPhone was launched.

We’re willing to bet this was a nice added bonus the Apple employee was not expecting when he signed his contract all those years ago.

Apple products are generally sought after in the market, whether new or used, and that includes items you wouldn’t expect from Apple.

Last month, a pair of never-released Apple sneakers – yep, sneakers – were put on sale by Sotheby’s with a $50,000 price tag attached to them.

Apparently, these shoes were made by Apple for a sales event in the 1990s.

A few lucky Apple salespeople and employees managed to get a pair for free.

And now they’re selling them for $50k, imagine that.

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