Doctor in Brazil used Apple Vision Pro for ‘game-changing’ surgery

Experts expect the device to now be used routinely
  • Apple Vision Pro has been used to assist with surgery in Brazil
  • An orthopedic doctor used the device to optimize his work on a patient with a rotator cuff tear
  • It was so effective the tech is set to become a common piece of kit in the OR

Published on Apr 25, 2024 at 2:27PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 25, 2024 at 2:32PM (UTC+4)

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Apple Vision Pro has done it again, being used to assist surgery in Brazil – this time it was an an orthopedic doctor who used the device to optimize his work on a patient with a rotator cuff tear.

The shoulder arthroscopy surgery involves a surgeon viewing images on a screen.

However, the Apple Vision Pro allowed the images to be seen in higher resolution on a bigger screen, as well as viewing the patient’s records and 3D models as he worked.

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Per MacMagazine, the surgery was conducted by doctor Bruno Gobbato from the operating theater of Jaraguá Hospital in Brazil.

A rotator cuff tear is damage caused by the gradual wear of tendon tissue over time.

Apple Vision Pro was used during surgery for the first time earlier this year.

Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the US with plans to launch the headset elsewhere by 2025.

A team of surgeons at the private Cromwell Hospital in London, UK, used the $3,500 augmented reality goggles to operate on the spine of a male patient.

A scrub nurse used an AI software platform, eXeX, to help keep a note of each stage of the operation.

But the benefits during this shoulder surgery were different.

“Shoulder arthroscopy surgery uses a camera inside the joint and surgeons perform it by looking directly at a screen,” Dr Gobbato said.

“With this device, I was able to see the image on the size of a movie screen with high resolution, as well as being able to see the patient’s exams and 3D models in real-time.”

Having previously tested out the Microsoft HoloLens in the same way, he put the optimization down to using the Apple Vision Pro down to the camera’s dynamic range that surpasses traditional equipment.

He explained that headsets, which were previously used routinely, can cast a shadow on the part of the patient they’re working on.

He uploaded footage from the procedure to his YouTube channel to demonstrate how effective the Apple Vision Pro can be during surgery.

Experts expect the device to be used routinely in Brazilian healthcare in the near future.

This isn’t the first time tech has entered the OR lately.

A neurologist recently explained how Neuralink’s brain chip actually works.

The successful procedure saw the quadriplegic patient able to control Mario Kart using his mind.

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