Extraordinary Apple Watch X concept will blow your mind

This could change the way we FaceTime
  • The Apple Watch is set to undergo a significant overhaul, expected later this year or in early 2025
  • A German company has crafted a concept envisioning the much anticipated new design.
  • New features include concealed Touch ID, a camera, and a blood pressure monitor

Published on May 13, 2024 at 4:20PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 at 4:20PM (UTC+4)

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We’re mere months away from the launch of the Apple Watch X.

Typically, Apple doesn’t make many changes with each generation.

But this year’s 10-year anniversary edition is set to be the watch’s biggest overhaul yet.

A German design company, Wordsmattr, has developed an incredible concept that offers us a glimpse of what we could expect.

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When it comes to iPhone upgrades, Apple tends to go all out.

From adding new buttons to new cameras, each model has come with a host of new features.

However, the evolution of the Apple Watch has been relatively slow.

This year marks ten years since the timepiece was released, and Apple is marking the occasion with a special new edition.

With a launch expected later this year or in early 2025, there is already much speculation about what we can expect from the Apple Watch X.

It’s rumored that a new magnetic band attachment system will be rolled out as well as a more powerful microLED display.

Wordsmattr has studied the progress of Apple’s products and designed an Apple X Watch concept accordingly.

The concept includes a concealed Touch ID within the digital crown (the watch’s side button)

For the first time, the watch has a camera, able to take photos, videos and FaceTime calls.

It also has a blood pressure sensor built into it.

The design features thinner, more curved edges and is made from dark titanium.

Currently, the Apple Watch is available in a light natural titanium shade, but many customers have requested Space Gray or Space Black models.

While this design is still in the concept stages, it doesn’t seem too far off from something we would expect from Apple.

Whether the actual Apple Watch X will look anything like it remains to be seen.

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