Bentley manager sweats as colleague spray paints and lights fire on hood

"That was stressful"

Published on Oct 24, 2023 at 8:17PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 25, 2023 at 4:43PM (UTC+4)

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Bentley manager sweats as colleague spray paints and lights fire on hood

A manager at a US Bentley store was left gently sweating as his colleague demonstrated a paint protection product.

With a starting price of $197,300, this isn’t a demo you’d want to go wrong.


And it turns out the luxury vehicles are just as costly to upkeep.

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Captioned: “That was stressful” the video is pure nightmare fuel for those fond of the British automaker’s vehicles.

The video begins with a smartly-dressed woman spray painting the hood of the car with a dollar sign.

The camera then cuts to the general manager of the Bentley Jacksonville, Florida store, TJ Samouri.

The rictus grin on his face reveals that, while he’s trying to remain calm, he’s silently panicking.

The video, shared to the OnlyForLuxury Instagram account then cuts back to the person demonstrating the paint-protecting product.

She has an aerosol in one hand and a lighter in the other.

You can guess what happens next as she allows the flames to tickle the very expensive Bentley car hood.

Cut back to the TJ who, despite smiling, is now standing with his head in his hand.

The dollar sign spray-painted on the car now looks darker than ever, slightly charred and set with heat.

Next the bold person doing the demonstration picks up a black bottle, presumably praying as she does so.

She traces the line of the dollar sign she just painted allowing a white liquid to squirt onto it.

Then she picks up a brightly-colored cloth and begins buffing away at the seemingly irreparable stain.

As it begins to loosen and lighten, she flips the cloth and buffs away any remaining marks.

It ends with the hood unscathed, unmarked and gleaming more than before she started.

Cut to poor TJ wiping a bead or two of sweat from his brow in relief.

Some of the commenters weren’t convinced.

“FAKE! Notice the $ symbol position on before and after…” one said.

“Even if was true, these chemicals are HIGHLY damaging to your clear coat, due to being too acidic, or too alkaline,” another said.

However, others had a slightly different take.

“As much money it cost hell it should remove itself,” one joker said.

“Still get me another one out of the factory don’t sell me anything you’re demonstrating on,” a second said.

Maybe you should opt for a professional clean – although remember the unexpected can still happen there.

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