Watch Brad Pitt’s Hollywood-famous timepiece get restored to its former glory

Check out the amazing restoration of this destroyed Citizen Bullhead, Brad Pitt's timepiece from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

by | Published on 2nd Apr 2023

The experts from the Read Dead Restoration YouTube channel have worked their magic on a watch made famous by Brad Pitt.

When they first got their hands on it, the timepiece was ruined and rusting away.

But after (a lot) of work, the watch from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood got a second chance.

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The timepiece in question is a Citizen Bullhead – so called because the shape of the case looks like, well, a bull head.

As with other similar watches, it really wasn’t that famous until it featured in a Hollywood blockbuster but now everyone wants one.

Brad Pitt wore this on screen as ‘Cliff Booth’ in the 2019 film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood directed by Quentin Tarantino.

The watch is now worth over four figures, and Citizen actually piggybacked on the success of the movie to launch a new line-up.

The Citizen Bullhead the Red Dead Restoration team found was in horrific condition.

The crystal was marked with deep scratches and dents, the paint of the dial was worn out, and the watch wasn’t working properly.

First, they it took apart, piece by piece.

Despite its relatively small size, the mechanical watch had hundreds of components.

And each component has to be cleaned and oiled, or replaced if broken.

For the case, they got rid of the old gold-plating using a sandblaster.

Then, after sanding and polishing the case by hand, it was ready for new gold-plating.

After that, a new crown is fitted, along with a new glass, and the hands on the dial are polished and re-painted.

Mind you, the dial and the bracelet are beyond hope, so they’re both ditched and replaced.

Specifically, the ugly bracelet is replaced with an original ‘bund’ strap made of leather.

So how much is this worth?

A brand-new 2023 Citizen Bullhead retails for around $800, while an older model can be had for anywhere between $500 and $900.

However, if you’re looking for the period-correct, all-original model that Brad Pitt wore, arm yourself with money and patience.

It is very rare, there aren’t that many in the market, and when you do find it, be prepared to fork out Breitling money.



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