You can now buy your very own private luxury eVTOL jet – and it’s got ‘Star Wars’ energy

This futuristic eVTOL jet is a world first and could be yours to own – but only if you've got deep pockets.

Published on Oct 19, 2023 at 7:45PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 20, 2023 at 7:24PM (UTC+4)

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You can now buy a private luxury eVTOL jet

If you live in the US and have between $7m and $10m to spend, you’re in luck – the first private luxury eVTOL jet just hit the market.

The German-made futuristic machine claims to be the world’s first and only eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) jet.

It showcases groundbreaking technology and unmatched performance, while providing a luxurious and comfortable ride for passengers.

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The Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet is a German-made private aircraft who is charting new territory with their new launch in the US.

The arguably eye-wateringly expensive ride was first announced in 2022.

Lilium aerospace company first partnered with a UK-based operator to launch 50 units of the limited -edition aircraft in Britain.

The eVTOL jet is dropping for the first time on the American market, as it’s home to world’s biggest private aviation market.

A stateside launch will be overseen by Texas-based aircraft brokerage and management, EMCJET as the exclusive dealer until 2030.

This zero-emission jet is now available for private customers in the US.

Local markets including Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are the primary market.

But it’s hoped the Lilium Pioneer Edition Jet will soon be soaring across the USA.

Such an extravagant design, it’s intended for private use, boasting a palatial and customizable cabin.

It can be “configured for six passengers” and uses exclusive fabrics.

The craft can also be configured without seats to “serve the zero-emissions logistics market”.

This unique and innovative eVTOL features a power lift configuration based on DEVT (Ducted Electric Vectored Thrust) technology.

The only one of its kind, it was developed in house to adapt jet engine technology to electric aircraft.

It’s done via a single-stage rotor/stator system powered by an electric motor.

Lilium claim that the DEVT tech was “refined through successive generations of aircraft demonstrators”.

The zero-emission operations system is said to perform optimally, reduce noise levels and have a higher payload than existing eVTOLs on the market

“Electric jet engines integrated into the wing flaps provide advantages in payload, aerodynamic efficiency and a lower noise profile, whilst also providing thrust vector control to manoeuvre the Lilium Jet through every phase of flight,” Lilium said.

High-density batteries produced by Customcells in Tubingen, Germany, were specifically developed for the model.

Plus, it features electric wiring interconnection systems designed by GKN Aerospace.

There’s also a custom-made pilot interface developed by Collins Aerospace.

Lilium will start rolling out its eVTOL jets by the end of the year.

The eVTOL manufacturer hopes its partnership with EMCJET will expand to the US air taxi market over the next few years.

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