The largest private jet in the world also has the most stunning interior

The Boeing 747-8I is a palace in the sky for its uber-wealthy owner.

Published on Oct 13, 2023 at 3:38PM (UTC+4)

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Largest private jet in the world

This is the world’s largest private jet, and while it’s famous for its size, its stunning interiors are what make it truly incredible.

The 420-square meter dual-level aircraft is a 747-8i Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and the absolute pinnacle of luxury air travel.

Its Middle-Eastern owner tasked French interior design firm, Cabinet Alberto Pinto, to create the interior – and it doesn’t disappoint.

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Step aboard and it’s hard to forget you’re on the largest private jet in the world and not a sprawling palatial estate.

With a range of around 7,700 nautical miles, the BBJ 747-8i can cover long distances to almost every major city globally with ease.

But its goal is more than merely transport but to be a mansion in the sky and home away from home for its über-rich owner.

The spacious two levels are divided into ornate suites, staterooms, lounges, dining rooms, passenger seating areas and bathrooms.

In the very nose of the aircraft, the private master bedroom is quiet and far from the Rolls-Royce turbine engines.

Forget struggling to get shut eye in transit – a normal-size bed means you’re guaranteed a good rest.

Across the room from the bed, you’ll find a sumptuous two-person loveseat in place of sought-after, first-class seats 1A and 1B.

Nothing is forgotten when it comes to comfort with touchscreen-controlled lights, bedside tables and wall cupholders in case of turbulence.

The ensuite features a walk-in shower and single vanity complete with a full mirror and sink meaning you can step off the plane ready to go.

The rest of the 19 passengers and crew members can also get the sleep they need as there’s no shortage of rooms.

All bedrooms feature walk-in showers and wardrobe space too.

In fact, the aircraft is big enough to carry 400 passengers.

The art-filled main foyer divides the master bedroom from the rest of the aircraft and houses the staircase to the upper deck and a couch.

Inside the 747’s iconic hump sits a living space featuring lit-from-within bookshelves and a high-definition flat screen television.

There’s also a children’s play area and crew quarters thanks to the -8i featuring the largest upper deck of any 747.

Should the owner need to work en-route, the plane also has a private office space featuring adjustable reclining leather chairs and entertainment systems.

The true jewel of the jet is the salon on the main floor.

It boasts three couches, a coffee table and lit-from-within vaulted ceilings.

Head designer, Yves Pickardt, spoke to Altitudes Magazine about his vision to create a “soft modern style, which is somehow quite classical”.

He was asked to forget gaudy touches and instead go for “simplicity” with a “tribute to French Art deco” using “noble materials”.

These include African Wakapou and Sycamore wood, stone, wool and silk fabrics and natural leather.

The interiors took four years to complete with the aircraft being serviced at AMAC Aerospace in Basel, Switzerland.

Until the first Airbus A380 is converted into an Airbus Corporate Jet, the Boeing 747-8I business jet will remain the largest private jet in the world. 

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