Artist blows up $250K Lamborghini to protest cryptocurrency culture

by | Last updated on May 18, 2022 at 4:50PM | Published on Feb 23, 2022 | Cars, Crypto

Conceptual artist Shl0ms has blown up a $250,000 Lamborghini Huracan to protest the billion-dollar NFT industry.

Shl0ms said there was “revolutionary potential” in the industry but it was currently being used “solely for personal gain”.

However, in a swift turn of events, Shl0ms said he was turning the charred Lambo parts into his own collection of NFTs. 

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In an interview with The Block, Shl0ms said the technology was “incredibly promising” but wasn’t being used for good. 

“There are so many good things we could do with it but there are so many terrible things being done with it,” he said. 

Before detonating the Huracan, Shl0ms needed financial backing in order to buy the Lamborghini.

After getting backing from a donor – who wishes to remain anonymous – he bought a high mileage Huracan. 

Once all was set up, he proceeded to blow it up in the middle of the desert.

Where exactly that location was, he didn’t disclose.

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Following the explosion, he hired a team of 100 people to pick up the pieces which he said would be sold as a rotating 4K video. 

Each piece will now be coined as an NFT (non-fungible token).

The collection is set to go live on February 25. 

Shl0ms’ entire project is made up of 999 NFTs, with 888 for sale and the remaining 111 for the team and the initial investor. 

Would you buy a piece of a blown up Lambo in the form of an NFT… in protest to NFTs? 


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