What the heck is going on with gas prices? Here’s how people are reacting

by | Last updated on Jun 10, 2022 at 6:14PM | Published on Jun 9, 2022 | Cars

Homer Simpson pumping gas meme

If you have been asking why are gas prices so high, trust us – you are not alone.

We’ve got bad news, it’s not going to get cheaper anytime soon.

In the US, the average national price is $5/gallon and it’s already above that in some states.

Experts are saying the cost of petrol could hit $6/gallon soon – and might even go beyond that by August.

It’s got people stressing hard.

Why are gas prices so high?

There are a lot of complex reasons fuel is so expensive right now.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and China’s COVID lockdown ending are both a major part of rising costs.

They put a strain on global demand.

And there’s a huge demand for gas right now.


People are going back to the office instead of working from home.

Summer is coming so there are holiday plans in the works.

And everyone wants to just get out and about without the coronavirus restrictions of the past few years.

These are all playing a part in why gas prices are so high right now.

No more just going for a drive

Teenagers taking their ride for laps around town on a Friday night might be a thing of the past, like the iPod and skinny jeans.

Diane sums it up perfectly with her tweet.

Food delivery drivers have it rough

Delivery drivers have taken to Reddit to talk about how hard it is right now to make a living.

When you need to use your car or motorbike to make a living, those extra bucks at the bowser hurt.

Where’s that Tesla Cybertruck at?

Gas prices have people thinking about making the move to EVs.

The range of electric cars and trucks out there is growing fast.

Check out the cheapest EV cars on the market here – they are all under $45k.

I’m going to Disneyland…

Wait a minute, that’s not Disneyland.

We’re hoping this young fella enjoys his holiday anyway.

Gas prices and maximum efficiency

This one reminds us of when Kramer tried to take his test drive car as far as possible with no gas left in the tank on Seinfeld.

You really need to bring Kramer’s mentality to your commute with gas prices this high.

Just don’t get stranded on the side of the road.

A sad time for WRX owners

If you drive a Subaru WRX, those gas prices are painful.

The WRX subreddit has a fair few posts just like this one of owners mourning their need to drive efficiently.



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