Lamborghini teases mysterious new collab with Steve Aoki

by | Mar 30, 2022 - 2:13PM | Cars

Steve Aoki pictured with a Lamborghini Instagram post.

Lamborghini has announced a mysterious new collaboration with Steve Aoki, Krista Kim and INVNT Group, but there’s only one slight problem: we have no idea what it might be.

The supercar manufacturer shared a cryptic animated video across its social media channels, promising to “open a new road”, but we don’t know where to, or for what.

Anything beyond that is speculation so your guess is as good as ours, but in the meantime, let’s focus on the things we do know.

We know that Steve Aoki is a multifaceted DJ and music producer with a quirky personality, Krista Kim is a digital artist and INVNT Group is a digital marketing agency with a focus on the metaverse, so whatever it is, this new collab is designed to get people talking on social media.

And possibly in Web 3.0.

The post is captioned with two hashtags: ‘Lamborghini’ and ‘Ultimate’.

Ultimate, not Ultimae, so in theory, this should have nothing to do with the Aventador Ultimae, the last-ever V12-powered Lambo.

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All things being equal, since INVNT is involved in a lot of Web 3.0 projects, assuming NFTs will be involved somehow wouldn’t be far-fetched.

After all, it seems every company in the world is either creating NFTs, or thinking about it.

All there’s left to do is patiently wait until we find out.

Lamborghini and LEGO Technic create 1:8 scale of Sián FKP 37

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LEGO used 154 different elements and bricks for this car, including 20 components manufactured specifically for this model.

It’s accurate and impressive, with a full interior, custom built disc brakes and real tyres, the same size as the actual road-going vehicle.



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