Mechanic drops a WWII tank engine into a Ford police car

by | Jun 7, 2022 - 4:12PM | Cars

Rolls Royce Tank engine in a Ford.

Insane engine swaps are something we love to see, and this build dubbed ‘the Meteor Interceptor’ might just be our new favorite.

The brainchild of Daniel Werner, the Swede had the relatable dream of putting a seriously massive engine in a car.

The 27-liter Rolls-Royce ‘Meteor’ V12 tank engine is pretty much perfect for the job.

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This engine is quite literally from a tank.

It was used in British-made Cromwell, Challenger, Comet, and Centurion tanks during WWII.

The Meteor was known for being incredibly reliable and powerful.

The pic below is a Challenger.

It’s a 32-tonne chunk of metal and it uses the same engine Werner is dropping into a Ford sedan.

And this engine is legendary.

It’s actually pretty similar to the ‘Merlin’ engine used in the Spitfire.

So how do you stick a tank engine into a car?

The first thing is making sure it can handle the weight.

Werner settled on a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor – the same car you see New York detectives driving around in on crime shows and movies.

While an old Rolls-Royce car would’ve been an epic car to pair with the tank engine, the Crown Vic was far cheaper and easier to source.

It also gave birth to the brilliant ‘Meteor Interceptor’ name.


And just when you thought Werner’s project couldn’t be more insane, his team decided to make things even harder for themselves.

Werner fitted two turbochargers to the V12 and thinks it will make an ear-shattering 2500hp (1864kW) and 3800lb-ft (5152Nm) of torque.

When finished, Werner hopes to take the Meteor Interceptor to the Nürburgring to set a lap time in it.

He may find it tough to finish a lap of the 20.8km (13 mile) circuit though.

The Meteor Interceptor’s 85-liter fuel tank will be emptied in just four minutes at full-throttle.

(For reference, a Porsche 911 GT2 RS took 6:38:835 minutes to finish a lap of Nürburgring and that’s a record for production cars).

Having started the project in 2017, Werner finally got it to run in June 2021.

But it’s still a work in progress.

Werner managed the first test drive of it in April this year and is documenting it all on his YouTube channel.



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