No, this is not a Tesla Cybertruck – it’s a $2,800 CyberPrius

by | Jun 14, 2022 - 3:47PM | Cars

The Cybertruck wannabe on a dirt road

While we are all hanging out waiting for news of the Tesla Cybertruck launch, this clever guy has saved himself $40,000 by just making his own.

It’s called the CyberPrius (or the Cybertruck wannabe) and it’s the mad science creation on the YouTube channel of Cyber Hooligan.

The Californian bought a wrecked Toyota Prius C at auction for $800 and got to work making it into the ultimate little off-roader project.

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Cyber Hooligan is a bit of an Elon Musk fan we reckon, judging from the Occupy Mars T-shirt he wears in the latest video.

And he has that same mentality of creating cool stuff, just like the world’s richest person.

But while prices for Tesla Cybertruck start at $39,990, Cyber Hooligan built his own version for a very cheap total of $2800.

How the CyberPrius was built

It started out as a 1.5L Prius, but it’s had some serious work.

Cyber Hooligan shortened it by about 57 centimeters (22.5 inches), basically removing the back seat.

He crafted the Cybertruck-styled hood out of a sheet of aluminum.

The headlights got the Tesla treatment too, with a single bar across the width of the front.

A light bar on the roof was also added which is turned on when you hit the high beams.

And to make it an off-road beast, some chunky wheels were fitted (that actually cost more than the entire wrecked Prius did).


Cyber Hooligan put a lot of time into making the front end look like the real deal, but he found the rear end a bit trickier.

“I can’t make it look like a Cybertruck [at the rear] because the wheelbase is so short… if I make it look like a Cybertruck it’s going to look goofy as hell,” he said.

Inside it’s pretty much the dashboard of a Toyota, no giant Tesla touch screens here.

The build is not for cruising the streets as you might in a Cybertruck, it’s been built to take into the wilderness and be used for hunting.

To do this the CyberPrius was lifted an inch at the front.

And with the Prius engine and the front-wheel drive, it’s super stealthy.



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