A turbocharged rice tractor – the ultimate farming machine

by | May 4, 2022 - 7:21AM | Cars

The tractor in action.

In Thailand, a common theme of the car scene is extensive and excessive modification and customization.

Bright colours, unique touches, big stereos, and of course extra horsepower are all still in fashion.

Not only does this level of modification cover cars, though, but even to farming machinery, like this insane custom tractor used for farming rice.

YouTuber CB Media gave a tour of the crazy contraption, on which he notes “everything is made by hand here in this workshop,” from the frame to the cabin.

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Riding on tall tracks that can move forwards and backward independently of each other, the tractor is able to perform 360-degree rotations.

While a hilarious party trick – being able to do donuts on the spot – its tiny turning circle would also come in handy when turning at the end of each row of the rice field.

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Powered by a 1.9-liter diesel engine from an Isuzu D-Max with, of course, a big upgraded turbo, power is estimated to be just 200hp.

However, torque is what’s key when plowing through muddy fields, so its 300lb-ft of torque is the really important figure.

Bright colours are most clearly on display with its red tracks and pulleys, pink engine accessories, and most prominently its unicorn graphics on the side of the custom-made cab.

There’s even a massive stereo with speakers and subwoofers not just inside, but outside the cabin so everyone can enjoy the tunes.

Most crucially, though, it still performs its job perfectly well (if not better thanks to the extra power) with built-in equipment for spreading the rice and adding fertilizer to it.

Could this be the ultimate piece of rice farming equipment? We’d say so, although no doubt someone else in Thailand is already ready to one-up this creation.



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