The exclusive ‘mansion in the sky’ where a load of celebs have lived in LA

We need to see how they got a piano that big to the 35th floor.

Published on Oct 20, 2023 at 7:29PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 25, 2023 at 4:34PM (UTC+4)

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The exclusive 'mansion in the sky' where a load of celebs have lived in LA
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A celebrity home is fundamentally different from the kinds of homes the rest of us live in.

And we’re not only talking price points.

Celebrities need their houses to be equipped with top-notch security and be as private as possible.

So it’s no surprise that some celebs have lived in the same apartments.

One apartment in particular has just been listed for sale.

And its interior is as impressive as the names of those who have lived there.

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This condo sits on the 35th floor of The Century, which towers over Los Angeles.

With three balconies to choose from, occupants can enjoy uninterrupted views of the Hollywood Hills and the Pacific Ocean.

The building is famously strict on security with guards on watch 24 hours a day.

Once inside The Century, it feels like being at a very exclusive and luxurious resort.

There’s a 75-yard-long pool, flanked by deck chairs and private huts.

To make the most of the LA weather, there are outdoor dining areas and firepits.

And to further add to the celebrity atmosphere, the building boasts a full-service concierge and valet parking.

This unit is listed for just under $14 million and comes fully furnished.

This includes a decked-out kitchen, a bar trolley, and an entire baby grand piano.

It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms all decorated in a modern, minimalist style.

Floor-to-ceiling windows and light decor give this space both incredible views and a peaceful ambience.

This celebrity home features multiple luxurious elements, like Miele appliances, cashmere blinds and walk-in wardrobes.

Even the bathroom screams opulence, completely kitted-out in marble and gold.

It’s no wonder stars like Denzel Washington and Rihanna have called this place home.

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