Rihanna splashes $21 million on LA penthouse

Formerly owned by Friends' Matthew Perry, Rihanna's LA penthouse occupies an entire floor in a paparazzi-proof building in Century City.

by | Published on 15th Apr 2023

Rihanna went shopping in California and decided to fork out $21 million to add this amazing LA penthouse to her real estate portfolio.

Located in Century City, the 9,290-square-foot penthouse occupies the entire 40th floor of the building, giving the popstar a 360-degree view of Los Angeles.

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Known as ‘Mansion in the Sky’, the home was recently refurbished by interior design specialist LM Pagano and it shows.

Rather than focusing on different rooms with different amenities, the renovator focused on bedrooms.

The penthouse has four of them, and each one is different and has its own bathroom.

In addition to this, you also have another two and half bathrooms.

One of the bedrooms has the bed facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, giving you a wonderful, uninterrupted view of the city as you wake up in the morning.

Another bedroom features a pool table and a fireplace.

Another room is devoted to the home theater and of course, this being a penthouse, you also have a terrace for an al fresco meal with a stunning view.

The mansion was sold to Rihanna by a tech billionaire who had originally acquired it from Friends’ Matthew Perry.

In spite of the size of the place and the celebrity factor involved, Rihanna actually managed to get a steep, seven-figure discount on her purchase.

In a normal world, $21 million is a lot of money but in California? Well, apparently that’s considered ‘adequate’.

Then again, California’s real estate market is always difficult to decipher.

Especially now that ex-Californians are moving back to The Golden State.



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