Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship

Floated at Melbourne's most coveted postcode, its boasts five ‘decks’ and a swimming pool
  • This $7.5 million mega mansion concept was designed by high-end residential architect firm, Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors
  • The plans are for a five-story, contemporary residence that mimics a cruise ship
  • The completed mega mansion is priced at $7.5 million

Published on Nov 20, 2023 at 7:48PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Nov 21, 2023 at 1:51PM (UTC+4)

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Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship

Life is a journey and this mega mansion concept shaped like a cruise ship hopes to demonstrate that.

The idea for the home design has been floated for Melbourne’s most covetable address: 100 St Georges Street.

Ed Craven, online gambling entrepreneur, purchased an unfinished mansion at 29-31 St Georges for over £65 million in August 2022.

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Number 17 on the street reportedly sold for £50 million during the same month.

And while not the most expensive home in the world – these prices smashed records in the area.

This $7.5 million nautical concept is for a five-story, contemporary residence.

A luxurious and spacious mega mansion, it would be set on the 1,365 sq m (14.7 sq ft) of the existing property.

That property would be demolished and replaced with this ship-inspired mega mansion.

Concept plans propose four king-size bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an indoor garage for a small fleet of three cars.

What’s more, there’s also a proposed gym and sauna room to keep residents ship shape.

Blueprint plans have revealed the nautical feel would be achieved using dramatic and deep balconies on each of the five floors.

These would mimic the shape of a cruise ship – while more often superyachts attempt to resemble mansions.

The cruise liner design is the work of high-end residential architect firm, Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors.

“Land is the foundation of each RMA Design, the superyacht shape is influenced by the fall of the land,” said CEO Mills.

And it wouldn’t be just aesthetically pleasing.

Those balconies would be used to house luxurious outdoor seating and a verdant garden.

What’s more, the rooftop would house a spa centre and bar and a private pool complete with the curve of a boat’s hull.

Sitting along the bank of a private Yarra River jetty – it almost looks as if the concept for the mega mansion is about to set sail.

 Plans for the striking trophy home come with the sale of 100 St Georges Road.

The local Stonnington Council have already approved the plans for this “striking and rare”beautifully designed” project.

Lucky buyers could move into the existing four-bedroom house.

However, they also have the exciting prospect of forging ahead with the mega mansion concept.

Because who doesn’t want to feel like they’re living on a superyacht on land?

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