Inside jaw-dropping concept bunker mansion for Mark Zuckerberg featuring underground swimming pool

It'll have you hoping for an apocolyptic event
  • This new AI-generated bunker mansion concept designed for Mark Zuckerberg is end-of-days stunning
  • Set in stunning Hawaii, the underground property concept boasts a subterranean swimming pool, supercar garage, and expansive wine cellar
  • It rivals plans for his actual $260 million bunker on the island of Kauai


Published on Apr 26, 2024 at 2:13PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 30, 2024 at 6:01PM (UTC+4)

Edited by Tom Wood
Concept bunker mansion for Mark Zuckerberg

Plans were recently revealed for his $260 million bunker in Hawaii, but Mark Zuckerberg should probably check out this AI-generated bunker mansion.

Also set in stunning Hawaii, the plans show that it features a massive underground swimming pool, supercar garage, and expansive wine cellar.

Scroll down and have a look around.

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The stunning steel and stone interiors make the most of its underground location and its protective qualities.

And while this is a mere concept, Mark Zuckerberg is already on his way to building a massive compound in Hawaii.

The compound will accommodate farming as well as office space.

It’ll also include a doomsday bunker for the CEO of Meta and his young family.

And while it remained a mystery for a long time, we now know a few more of the details.

Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, purchased an abandoned sugar plantation on Kauai, Hawaii’s oldest island, back in 2021.

The property spans 110 acres but rather than building yet another mansion for himself, Zuck wants to build a doomsday bunker, which is apparently the latest flex for billionaires.

Wonder what that could be about, eh?

A spokesperson for Zuckerberg said the compound will include a lot of features to protect and improve the surrounding environment.

Zuck also partnered up with Kauai’s wildlife conservation experts to protect endangered species in the area, including birds.

The compound will also incorporate at least a dozen buildings, with 30 bedrooms and 30 bathrooms in total, a main mansion, office space and conference rooms, and ‘an industrial-sized’ kitchen.

It’ll also feature pools, gyms, a sauna, and a tennis court.

There’ll be a treehouse and rope bridges, too.

Not unlike the bunker concept from @grambutler, the real bunker will be made of metal and ‘filled in with concrete’ to soundproof it and will be entirely self-sustainable.

It’s unclear what Zuckerberg wants to use this bunker for.

Obviously, Zuck is also running out of things to spend money on.

He spends a good chunk of cash on personal security and private jets, but his car collection is actually incredibly humble for a billionaire.

Surprising when you consider he could buy a Bugatti Chiron everyday for over 100 years before running out of money

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