Coolest flying cars taking off in 2025

  • Flying cars may seem like the stuff of science fiction but there are several companies working on bringing them to market
  • Some models have already opened up their preorder lists
  • Another company has hinted that flying cars will be available sooner than you might think 

Published on Jun 10, 2024 at 1:29 PM (UTC+4)
by Claire Reid

Last updated on Jun 12, 2024 at 12:33 PM (UTC+4)
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Growing up, you might have dreamed of one day seeing flying cars zipping through the sky, and that dream looks like it could be a step closer to reality. 

Several companies are working hard on getting flying cars to market – taking the idea from science fiction and making it real. 

The designs for flying cars have a fair bit of range, with some resembling mini-helicopters and others – such as the XPeng Aeroht – looking more reminiscent of an actual car. 

If you’re hoping to get your hands on one day, then read on for a round-up of some of the most exciting designs that could be hitting the skies near you one day. 

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The Sky Switchblade

Dubbed ‘the world’s first flying sports car’, the Samson Sky Switchblade is a three-wheel, street-legal vehicle that you can drive around like any other car.

Unlike any other small car, once you’ve arrived at the airport you can simply swing out the wings and tail in less than three minutes and be on your way. 

The Sky Switchblade can fly up to 200 mph and 13,000 feet and will require its owner to have a pilot’s license to fly.

In November last year, the company proudly announced that the Switchblade had completed its first successful test flight – spending around six minutes in the air at an altitude of 500 feet. 

The Switchblade is powered by a three-cylinder turbocharged 1.0-liter engine producing 190 horsepower that runs on 91-octane unleaded auto gas rather than aviation fuel.

The reservation list is open now – you can sign up here

XPeng X2

The XPeng X2 is the world’s first flying car.

It has a futuristic-looking design and can fly for 35 minutes on a single charge with a maximum speed of around 80 mph. 

The Xpeng X2 features eight propellers, powered by batteries – meaning they don’t produce any carbon emissions during flight. 

It’s completely legal to fly – with one being seen in the skies above China’s Shenzhen’s central business district recently

According to XPeng: “The X2 adopts an enclosed cockpit with a minimalist teardrop-shaped design and a sci-fi appearance that takes highly efficient aerodynamics into account to achieve the ultimate in-flight performance.”

The two-seated aircraft have a glass canopy over the cockpit so the pilot and passenger can make the most of the stunning views while en route. 

XPeng Aeroht Flying Car

XPeng hasn’t limited itself to just one flying car, either.

The company is also working on another – a flying car that looks a look like a regular car. 

Unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas in January, the Aeroht is probably the sort of thing you may have pictured as a kid when you thought about flying cars. 

According to XPeng co-founder and chief designer Wang Tan, the vehicle has been designed with one specific problem in mind – traffic.

Basically, the flying car will help cut down time spent in traffic jams as owners can simply fly if the roads are looking too busy. Sounds good to me.

When it is in ‘car’ mode, all the appendages used to fly are neatly tucked away meaning it looks like a sleek supercar. 

But when you need to fly somewhere, the Aeroht can open out its arms and become an eVTOL – a vehicle capable of taking off and landing on the spot. 

This means it doesn’t require a runway for take-off or landing. 

Interestingly, just last month – XPeng revealed that it plans to be selling its flying cars in the near future

XPeng co-president Brian Gu, has confirmed that flying cars will be available sooner than people think.

The idea, according to Gu, is to have these ‘cars’ ready by late 2025, or early 2026 at the latest, and they will be initially used in rural areas.

The Subaru Air Mobility

The Subaru Air Mobility concept basically looks like a giant drone – it has a flat, C-shared body with Subaru-branded head and taillights.

The whole thing looks straight out of a sci-fi movie; it has six propellers sitting inside circular, silver body panels with a driver cabin fixed in the center, covered in black glass. 

Subaru believes its concept ‘expresses the future of ‘more freedom in mobility’ that Subaru envisions’ and predicts that as ‘electrification and automation technologies’ advance we’ll see an ‘air mobility revolution’. Interesting. 

As yet, a potential release date for the car hasn’t been revealed but Subaru says ‘engineers from the aerospace and automotive divisions are currently working together on flight demonstrations’. So watch this space.

Doroni H1

The all-electric Doroni H1 resembles a super-sized drone and unlike the other flying cars on this list, it can be piloted with a normal driver’s license meaning you won’t need to spend time and money getting your pilot license. Sounds good, right?

The semi-autonomous machine can fit inside a regular garage and could one day replace the family car.

As the Doroni H1 is an eVTOL it doesn’t require a runway, meaning it is good to go wherever you are. 

In terms of specs, the aircraft can travel at a top speed of 120 mph and has a 60-mile range; you’ll get around 40 minutes of flight time off a 25-minute charge. 

The Doroni H1 is scheduled for release in 2026 – you can preorder one here

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