From oversize rims to tank-style tracks, these are the world’s craziest car wheels

From chrome rims and wheels that are actually larger than the car itself to 'reaper' wheels, let's have a look at some of the craziest car wheels.

by | Published on 17th Mar 2023

Normal wheels are sensible and practical, sure, but also boring.

This probably explains why, every once in a while, people go mad and fit bonkers wheels on their cars.

From rims that are actually larger than the car itself to ‘reaper’ wheels, let’s have a look at some of the craziest car wheels.

Chevy Camaro ‘Pimp My Ride’ edition

This guy must’ve played GTA way too many times, probably while listening to that famous song by rapper Chamillionaire.

“They see me rollin’, they hatin'”.

We’re not sure if people ‘hate’ this guy when he ‘is rolling’, but they can certainly spot him from miles out.

This Chevy Camaro ticks every stereotypical Pimp My Ride box.

Vivid paint and custom interior? Check.

Oversize chrome wheels? Check.

And everything is yellow, by the way, including the gigantic wheels.

What size are they? We reckon 30-35 inches.

Tesla with 10-foot wheels

No, this isn’t a typo, this guy literally gave his Tesla wheels that are 10 FEET tall.

Ie, they’re taller than the actual car.

But he did it for a good reason: he wanted to see if you could drive a Tesla upside down, as you do.

Plot twist: you can.

And we hear you, you’re probably wondering why he did it.

Easy, he’s got a YouTube channel to run and you know what they say: it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

Quad bike with reaper wheels

The lovely people from the Whistlin Diesel YouTube channel decided to mod a quad bike by fitting ‘reaper’ wheels.

First, they cut massive spikes out of scrap metal and welded them onto the rims.

Then they spray painted them white with red tips for bonus style points.

It looks… weird.

Still, at least the quad bike looks a lot safer now, doesn’t it?

Volkswagen Bus riding on TRACKS

This is the so-called ‘Half-track Fox’, a Volkswagen bus converted into an 8-wheeler tank.

And, as you can see, it actually rides on tracks, not wheels.

The unique eight-wheel layout was designed by a German engineer called Kurt Kretzner.

He actually did everything by himself, including the track design.


And, for once, sort of practical.

If you live in an area where the roads are permanently covered with snow, that is.



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