Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s $10 million watch collection: Here are 7 of the wildest timepieces

Published on May 09, 2022 at 10:38 AM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s $10 million watch collection: Here are 7 of the wildest timepieces

Cristiano Ronaldo is, without question, one of the greatest footballers of all time.

The Manchester United striker is the all-time leading goal scorer in FIFA history and still a player to be feared even at 37 years old.

Off the pitch, though, the Portugal captain is a style icon and his insane watch collection – worth an estimated $10 million – is one we could only dream of assembling.

We’ve already written about his latest purchase – a $1 million Jacob & Co. that matches his Bugatti – but let’s take a deeper dive into CR7’s watch collection.

In honor of his kit number, here are seven of the most insane timepieces out of Cristiano Ronaldo watches.

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1. Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-axial – $2 million

Common features of the watches Ronaldo loves are tourbillons, diamonds and unique complications. In that regard, the Girard Perregaux Planetarium Tri-axial ticks all the right boxes.

Featuring a hand-painted titanium model of Earth that rotates on a 24-hour cycle, the Planetarium’s triple-axis tourbillon is one of merely a few in the world. It can be viewed from all angles, too, thanks to two sapphire domes and a side opening in the case.

And this Ronaldo watch price?

It’s a piece unique – an 18-karat one-off set with baguette diamonds worth about $2 million.

However, a similar design on a leather strap is available for $945,000.

2. Breguet Classique ‘Grande Complication’ Double Tourbillon – $600,000 plus

One of the watches Ronaldo can be seen wearing the most on his Instagram account is this hand-wound piece, which measures in at a big 50mm and features 107 baguette-cut diamonds.

It also boasts not one but two tourbillons that complete a 12-hour rotation. Safe to say, it ought to keep good time with such a complication.

Given the placement of the tourbillons on Ronaldo’s Breguet compared to what’s publicly available, it’s believed this is yet another piece unique for CR7.

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3. Franck Muller ‘Cintree’ Tourbillon – $1.5 million

Yet another one-off for the Portugese striker, this Franck Muller unsurprisingly features a tourbillon (who would’ve guessed?!) and is set with baguette diamonds absolutely wherever they could possibly be placed.

Beyond just the diamonds, its white gold case is also a unique touch for Ronaldo.

An estimated value of $1.5 million hasn’t prevented this Muller from being a regular on his wrist.

4. Hublot Masterpiece MP-09 Tourbillon Bi-axis – more than $ 1 million

Beyond the diamonds and tourbillons, size is another commonality between the watches Ronaldo wears. This piece unique from Hublot measures in at 49mm, making it suitably large for the 6-foot-2-inch footballer.

Ronaldo’s features an 18-karat rose gold case with the ornate touch of a rose-cut diamond for the crown. The automatic movement is Hublot’s own and offers a five-day power reserve.

His one-off is worth more than $1 million. Versions of the MP-09 you can actually buy typically sell for upwards of $190,000.

5. Rolex GMT Master Ice – $485,350

It seems fitting someone earning as much as Ronaldo – an estimated $125 million during the current 2021-22 season alone – would have the most expensive Rolex model offered to the public in their collection.

Priced at $485,350, the name is no coincidence, as this GMT Master II is iced-out from the factory with 30 carats of diamonds that cover practically every facet of the watch.

Although the price tag may actually pale in comparison to some of Ronaldo’s other timepieces, it’s still a fitting member of his collection.

6. Franck Muller Diamond Tourbillon – more than $1.5 million

Ronaldo’s ‘Cintree’ might be crazy already, but he has another diamond-studded Franck Muller in his collection worth even more.

Estimated to be worth more than $1.5 million, it’s set with diamonds and rubies using a technique called “serti mysterieux” – French for “mystery set”, meaning the diamonds have no visible mounting.

7. Jacob & Co. Grand Baguette Diamond – $1 million

We’ve saved perhaps the craziest watch Ronaldo owns until last, with this insane piece from “Jacob the Jeweller” standing out even in a collection like CR7’s.

Measuring in at 47mm and pentagonally-shaped, the Grand Baguette Diamond features five individual dials for tracking multiple time zones.

The key big numbers: 761 diamonds, $1 million.

The key small number: only six were ever made.

And the CR7 watch price? This one alone comes in at $1 million



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