Hidden features of new Tesla Cybertruck

Did you know the Tesla has a built-in cooler?
  • By now we’re all familiar with the striking exterior and impressive capabilities of the Cybertruck
  • Owners have begun to reveal hidden features about the car that Tesla hasn’t advertised as much
  • From hidden compartments to surprising quirks, we’re checking out all the hidden features of this already-legendary car

Published on Apr 19, 2024 at 3:05PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Apr 19, 2024 at 3:05PM (UTC+4)

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Hidden Features of New Tesla Cybertruck

It’s hard to think of a car release that’s had more hype than the Tesla Cybertruck.

By now, we’re all familiar with its striking exterior and impressive capabilities.

We’ve seen it be shot with everything from a whole gun magazine to an arrow, drag race a Porsche 911, and more.

But besides the obvious selling points, several hidden features of the Cybertruck are pretty exciting too.

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Exterior hidden features

Tesla originally wanted the Cybertruck to have no side mirrors.

Perhaps it thought they would ruin its silhouette somehow.

Because the truck is equipped with multiple cameras, drivers don’t really need traditional side mirrors.

Legally Tesla couldn’t ship the cars without them, so it just made them easy to remove.

Inside there is also no rearview mirror, plus no rear windscreen.

This means drivers have to rely on a camera feed on the center screen to see what’s going on behind them.

Hidden in the front of the truck is the frunk, which is able to fit two carry-on bags inside.

The tires come with plastic aerocaps on them, which will increase the truck’s range by a few miles.

For drivers who don’t need the extra range and prefer the look without them, they’re also easy to take off.

Another hidden feature of the Cybertruck is its door handles – as in there are none.

When pressed, a small button located on the side of each door will cause it to pop open by a few inches, creating enough space for it to be pulled open.

While this is certainly a cool gimmick, it does mean the stainless steel around the door gets filled up with fingerprints.

This is why Tesla employees had to resort to using this weird household cleaner to keep their Cybertrucks sparkly.

The tonneau cover is powered by a near-invisible button, revealing a small rear window when opened.

It can also hold up to 300 pounds of weight and its waterproofing has been thoroughly tested.

There is also a hidden sub-trunk underneath the truck bed, complete with a drain in case you want to turn it into a cooler.

Unfortunately, this means there is no room for a spare tire, and if you want one, you’ll have to buy it separately and store it in your trunk.

A panel near the door of the trunk flaps open to reveal three power sockets: two 120V and one 240V.

This means your Tesla Cybertruck can act as a power source, even able to charge another EV.

Lastly, there’s a small but potentially game-changing gadget nestled in the wall of the trunk: a bottle opener.

Interior features of Tesla Cybertruck

The windscreen, one of the largest glass panels in the automotive industry, extends all the way from the car’s nose, providing excellent visibility.

However, it also introduces an unexpected quirk.

Because there’s extra space between the dashboard and the windscreen, and the front of the car slopes downward, anything you put on the dashboard might easily slip down into this gap.

Inside the car’s sunshades are completely removable, connecting to the roof with magnets.

As well as ambient lights throughout, the truck is kitted out with touch-sensitive lighting.

There are also multiple speakers embedded in the interior, all of them either square or trapezoid-shaped.

The interior is minimalist in its design, with lots of open spaces for storage, including the area between the foot spaces of the two front seats.

If the frunk isn’t enough covered storage for you, the back seats flip up neatly to create more space.

Driving this vehicle is a unique experience.

The gear positions are located above, where the rearview mirror should be, and are all touch-sensitive.

They can also be controlled by the 18.5-inch screen, the biggest screen Tesla’s ever used.

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying the Cybertruck has got the world’s attention.

Content creators like Logan Paul and Paul Clark are among the lucky few who have managed to get their hands on one.

While others have taken matters into their own hands, like the man who built his own version of the EV out of wood.

As the Tesla Cybertruck is still new on the roads, there will no doubt be more hidden features discovered in the coming months.

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