Tesla is giving people the chance to attend Cybertruck Delivery Event via new website

Anybody can attend, but there's a catch.
  • Anybody can attend, but there’s a catch
  • The event will take place on November 30 at Gigafactory Texas
  • Tesla will select attendees

Published on Oct 31, 2023 at 8:59PM (UTC+4)

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Contrary to what Tesla originally said, anybody can attend the Cybertruck Delivery Event, not just Cybertruck buyers.

Aber es gibt einen Haken.

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Just over a month ago, Tesla began sending emails to Cybertruck reservation holders with info regarding the upcoming Cybertruck Delivery event at Giga Texas.

At first, these emails were only sent to Cybertruck buyers and they included no date.

Then, a few weeks later, Tesla finally announced a date for the event, November 30th, but provided no further info.

Now there’s a new page on the Tesla website that’s dedicated to the Cybertruck Delivery Event.

And according to Tesla, anybody can apply to go.

The date is confirmed, as is the location at Giga Texas in the capital Austin, but there’s a new option that wasn’t there before.

There’s a new “verify to attend” button, and the website is now saying the event is open to anybody who owns Tesla stock.

“Join us at Gigafactory Texas on Thursday, November 30, 2023, to celebrate the first deliveries of Cybertruck,” the statement said.

“Shareholders can verify their Tesla stock ownership below to participate in a drawing to attend in person.”

This statement is a bit vague but, based on what we’re reading, it sounds like anybody can apply, as long as they own Tesla stock.

After that, Tesla will then select shareholders (presumably) at random to participate.

It’s all downhill from here… sort of.

The fact of the matter is Tesla has accumulated a massive backlog of over 1.9 million pre-orders.

The pre-order only requires a $100 deposit so presumably quite a few of these would-be buyers won’t go through with the sale.

But even so, it’s going to take years for Tesla to deliver all these Cybertrucks.

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