The first electric plane can charge in 20 minutes and plugs right into your wall

Could electric planes be closer than you thought?

by | Published on 9th May 2022

Imagine having an electric plane that you can plug into the wall just like a Tesla.

With planes being one of the biggest users of fuel and emitters of CO2, there’s an increased push to develop electric flight from big names including NASA and Boeing.

An Austrian company called Diamond Aircraft is looking to bring to market an electric version of its DA40 beginner aircraft.

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Dubbed the eDA40, one of the most important points in the plane’s marketability is the base design already being certified, removing one of the biggest hurdles.

Of course, the other challenge of an electric plane is the impracticality of charging times.

But that’s where the eDA40 is different.

That’s because, just like an electric car, this plane will feature DC fast charging capability, enabling it to fully recharge in a mere 20 minutes.

Theoretically, this means you could charge the plane at any old charging station you’d plug a car in.

Of course, in reality, you probably won’t be able to land it in any old carpark.

The charging hardware provided by Electric Power Systems makes the eDA40 the first electric plane that meets the FAA’s Part 23 certification.

Powered by a 174hp (130kW) air-cooled electric motor, the eDA40 should be capable of 90 minutes of flying time, making it ideal for short journeys or for training, which the base plane is designed for.

The eDA40 will be luxe inside as well, with it sporting four seats with adjustable lumbar support, electrically adjustable rudder pedals to accommodate pilots of varying heights, and even air conditioning.

It can even be equipped with an optional Garmin Automatic Flight Control System for extra help during take-off and landing.

Diamond Aircraft already has a few firsts to its name, including the first series hybrid aircraft.

So expanding into the world of ful-electric isn’t an unprecedented move for the group.

With initial flight testing slated for later this year, the aim is for the eDA40 fully certified and hitting the skies en masse in 2024.




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