The world’s most expensive Apple Watch case has over 400 diamonds

Published on Aug 25, 2022 at 9:02 AM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Aug 29, 2022 at 3:04 PM (UTC+4)
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The world’s most expensive Apple Watch case has over 400 diamonds

This is the world’s most expensive Apple Watch case.

It costs $15,000 and it has more than 400 diamonds, totaling around four carats.

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The diamond Apple watch case was designed by Golden Concept, a Swedish brand.

The company has created some cool accessories in the past but this is something else.


It’s bold and beautiful, but we can’t get over the price.

After all, there are Swiss-made watches that cost less than this case.

Each tonneau-shaped case is milled from a single block of aluminium and set with 443 hand-applied diamonds.

And by the way, these are top-notch VVS1-2 grade diamonds, the second most precious type of diamond that exists.

The case is available with an integrated rubber strap in white, grey or black.

And if you’re detecting Richard Mille vibes, well, you’re not alone.

Only seven pieces will be made and each case is produced upon request.

It is available to order for the Apple Watch 7 as well as the upcoming Apple Watch 8.

If you opt for the version for the Apple Watch 8, you can even customize the caseback.

About the diamond Apple watch

The first Apple Watch hit the market in 2015 and it sold like hot cakes.

And more importantly, it indirectly encouraged the watch industry to reinvent itself.

How? First and foremost, it created a new market for smart watches.

And secondly, it proved that people were still willing to wear a watch as an accessory on their wrist just as long as it looked cool.

That’s why there’s such a huge appetite for Apple Watch accessories.

From new straps and bracelet to this crazy watch case.


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