This breathtaking yacht concept is redefining luxury

Nicknamed Domus, It weighs 750 gross tonnes, is silent, and boasts a cinema room, gym, bar, and spa.

Published on Sep 22, 2023 at 5:49PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Sep 25, 2023 at 3:42PM (UTC+4)

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Domus trimaran yacht concept

This is the Domus trimaran yacht concept and it’s breaking boundaries in the world of luxury charters.

Not only is it incredibly luxe, but it’s been designed with performance front of mind.

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The yacht concept’s design reduces drag and increases speeds for a comfortable, minimal-roll cruise.

And on top of this, the designers created a beautiful, luxury passenger space.

Indeed, the yacht concept was named “Domus” by its creators, Rob Doyle Design and Van Geest Design.

A Latin word translated to mean a single-storey house built around an atrium.

The yacht concept uses the idea of openness within its innovative design to create a feeling of airiness that’s unprecedented.

The 40m yacht concept also boasts two decks split over 783-square metres.

And, nothing has been left to chance when it comes to the guest experience.

The yacht concept features four VIP guest cabins and and two owner’s suites complete with their own lounge areas.

When they aren’t relaxing in privacy, the on-board amenities include a cinema, gym and bar.

In addition, when guests want to relax, Domus’ spa and swimming pool will ensure they can unwind.

The interiors are laid out to allow guests to enjoy the scenery while maintaining a connection to life onboard.

Domus’ aim is to be the first fully zero-emission yacht weighing over 750 gross tonnes.

“The uniquely designed combination of solar power, hydro-regeneration technology and hydrogen fuel cells gives Domus unlimited range with zero emissions,” the design team told Boat International.

“An optimised system of solar power and battery storage allows the yacht to motor during daylight hours and then transfer over to the battery system at night. This also means that Domus is fully silent with zero emissions while at anchor.”

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