Lamborghini built a one-off custom Diablo Roadster for Donald Trump

  • Lamborghini made this one-off for Donald Trump in 1997
  • It’s painted in Blu Le Mans – a special type of paint that wasn’t available back then
  • The car was even sold on eBay once

Published on Jan 12, 2024 at 3:28 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Jan 15, 2024 at 1:41 PM (UTC+4)
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Lamborghini built a one-off custom Diablo Roadster for Donald Trump

It’s a little known fact that former US President Donald Trump is a big car guy.

So big in fact, Lamborghini once made a one-off for him.

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Trump’s Lamborghini is a 1997 Diablo.

He got it when he was ‘just’ a businessman and his political career (and his career selling NFTs, oddly) was still decades away.

Powered by Lambo’s iconic V12, the car features a special Blu Le Mans paint job, which was technically not available in 1997.

Unless you’re Trump, that is.

The interior is upholstered in black and white leather, and the car also features a plaque that reads: “Donald Trump 1997 Diablo”.

Back when it was new, Trump said the car was worth around $350,000.

These days, a Diablo from that era sells for around the same price.

Mind you, this one would probably be a bit more expensive.

There are probably two reasons why Trump’s car collection is not really talked about.

Firstly, Trump is constantly making headlines for other obvious reasons that mostly have to do with his political career.

This understandably trumps (pun intended) the attention he might get for his cars.

The second reason – and some people may not know this – is Donald Trump can’t drive on public roads anymore because of his political status.

In the US, there’s a law called the ‘Former Presidents Act‘.

It applies to any and every US President that’s ever taken office since 1958 and, among other things, it dictates they can no longer drive on public roads or go anywhere without protection.

For a car guy, that’s far from ideal.


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